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CEO wants pure wireless environment, I disagree

By trtjj ·

I am building a new infrastructure in a new building. Construction cost on our new floor has skyrocketed. Our CEO wants to move from a hybrid cabled/wireless solution to just a plain wireless solution to save on cable pulls.

I did not think it would be a wise move. Besides running multiple databases, we will be running
1. 100 users plus 10 consultants.
2. IP telephony (wirelessly it would be SIP phones)
3. Web/ Video conferencing (IP based)
4. We also have a conference center which will be using teleconferencing, video conferencing etc.
5. Documenet management systems.
6. File sharing (PPT, Media files of our conferences).
7. sharepoint portal
8. Meeting management software.
9. Guest VLANs and Guest wireless access.
10. Exchange
11. Remote Access (SSLVPN) for mobile users and RDC to users machines.
12 IPSec VPN to Remote office

How can I convince the CEO that it is not a good idea to just run wireless. I know QoS isn't that great with wireless APs and the issues with channels, saturation and interference. Are there any articles or white papers on this?

I proposed an all cisco environment with 6513, POE, Cat 6 cabling. F5 load balancing over three wan connections, NAC, Cisco wireless AP and WLC, and Cisco phone system.

Our CEO is comparing us to Starbucks and home networks.

Thanks for any help

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FBI will hack only to test wireless security???

by smittysmitty777 In reply to Security

Yeah right... If that is true then I live in a gingerbread house with a chocolate icing roof and rock candy windows on Marshmallow Fluff Lane in CandyLand.

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by ericl_w19 In reply to FBI will hack only to tes ...

sorry but that is coworkers cant figure out what my deal is.

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Maximize Wireless - Minimize Wiring

by Wayne M. In reply to CEO wants pure wireless e ...

If you came back with a proposal that included just one wire, I'm sure your CEO would accept it.

My impression of the request is that your CEO is asking "What is the minimum amount of cabling absolutely required?" You indicated that the system is already a hybrid, so what are the underlying concerns in shifting the bulk of the system to wireless? Provide a cost estimate for the barebones minimum cable connections with rationale and an estimate for adding cabling later when problems arise.

If you have time, you might also propose setting up a current staff group as a trial. Get a small office and set it up as pure wireless. This may help demonstrate to the CEO where cabling might be needed and ease your concerns about the capabilities of wireless.

Negotiation is the key. Look at where wire may be needed on a case-by-case basis. It may be beneficial to minimize costs at this point even if it means reverting some portions from wireless to cable sometime in the future.

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Something light

by wfs1946 In reply to CEO wants pure wireless e ...

I'm neither a consultant nor a networking person but I thought maybe you all might find this humorous.

In planning a building (many years back) the network engineer was working the building plans making sure every office was wired directly to the desktop, a rare thing in the days of wires hanging from the ceiling.

After many weeks of planning and contruction starting on the building, I was invited to one of the review meetings since I would be maintaining the computer connections after the fact.

My main question to the engineer was, he had wiring to every possible office in the building, but. . . . . it was going back to nowhere. He had not planned for the server/comm room to be built.

After much stammering and a very red face, two offices on the plans were eliminated and converted to the server room.

Talk about wireless communications. . . . .

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by nataraj_vedula In reply to CEO wants pure wireless e ...

U can convince the ceo by :-
generally wirless connection is of two modes:
1.connectionless acknowledged
2.connectionless with no acknowledgement.
If we use first type of connection ,due to any delay if acknowledgement is not reached to sender then sender need to be in wait state so the whole system b in the wait state.
Otherwise if ur using second one the sender doesn't know whther the reciever got the tansacted data r not.

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I can see a user playing the radio off the internet or watching streaming..

by Reb00t In reply to CEO wants pure wireless e ...

videos from CNN or another website. That alone will bring the network to its knees.

I've setup a wireless network at a location with about 15 computers. With 'light' use, it starts to struggle with just PPT sharing and media sharing as the primary usage. Its not bad, but its not the same as a wired solution by far.

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Not your job

by frankf In reply to CEO wants pure wireless e ...

If you're the IT manager for the company, your job in this situation is to present the CEO with solutions, and let him make the decision as to which one the company will go with. Give him exact data on cost, effectiveness, security, reliability, etc. and make sure he is aware of the benefits and pitfalls of each. If he ASKS for your opinion, which most do, then give it to him.
If he wants you to implement the solution you think is best, do so.

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