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Certification vs. Degree

By millert ·
I am a Systems Analyst for a K-12 school
system. We have recently begun
discussing pay increases for
certifications. I want to persue a
college degree in CIS. I believe a
degree should carry as much if not more
weight than a certification. We are
trying to decide on some sort of scale.
for the certifications. Is there an
industry standard? Can someone offer a

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CIOs on certifications: survey

by geekmee In reply to Certification vs. Degree
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Experience 1st , certifications 2nd

by geekmee In reply to CIOs on certifications: s ...

From the Monster article, I think this says it all:
"...candidates should typically seek experience first, and then pursue relevant certifications. When he sees a resume with five or six certifications but no relevant experience, he dismisses it. "I just toss that resume away,"

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Certification pay scale?

by geekmee In reply to Certification vs. Degree

Try researching and I am sure they have annual issues on IT salary scales.

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Georgia Tech in your backyard!

by geekmee In reply to Certification vs. Degree

I see you are in Gainesville, Georgia...
Georgia Tech is right in your backyard!!...and University of Georgia is next door!!! I would certainly take advantage of these resources being so close and pursue a degree. Not everyone has that luxury to learn so close. The opportunity to broaden your mind and your future is an investment in yourself rather than a position. Rebooting the network and planning an information infrastructure are not the same goals nor use the same skills.
It depends on your goal aspirations; Do you want to always be the mechanic or do you want to manage the growth of the garage? Do you want to be the disc jockey or do you ever want to be the program or station manager?

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Certfications deliver carpenters

by geekmee In reply to Certification vs. Degree

During "The Bubble Days" companies desparately needed carpenters to build and certifications identified carpenters who could build.

Now that saner days have arrived companies are looking for experience rather than just hammer-heads. Look at mostany desirable job description and it requests or mandates "5+ years of experience." Many say "...others need not apply."

Its not enough to build it, you have to build it for people. Research is showing that, most technology projects fail not because of the technology issues, but because of people issues.
Building a Web page and building an effective solution for customer service is not the same thing.

Certifications deliver carpenters. Carpenters are needed, but we now have an over abundance of carpenters. And companies are no longer asking the carpenters what to build?

The future is going to people who can manage and measure the impact of technology.

MBAs in technology are going to rise dramatically.

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That's a pretty high horse you're on.

by UrNOTready In reply to Certfications deliver car ...

What does a college degree show about you as a person? How does it separate you from the "hammerheads" and "carpenters" of the world? All it shows it that you could get out of bed and drag yourself to some classes for 4 years. Oh yeah and pay tuition.

I've worked in IT for many years, the bulk of which I worked as a senior consultant for a VAR, so I've been exposed to lots of technologies and technicians. Guess what? It doesn't make a difference whether the person has a degree or certs;it all boils down to a few key points...

1) A logical thought process (the ability to reason deductively).

2) Knowledge of technology past and present

3) Keeping informed.

I've known people that had a masters degree in IT that had to pay big bucks to have some guy with just certs come fix what they can?t handle.

Remember these kids: It's what you know that will get you through, and the rest is all just pieces of paper.

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by UrNOTready In reply to Certfications deliver car ...

I just visited your website / resume. Your college degree in communications has built you an impressive career as a salesman.

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college degree in CIS

by ferocious In reply to Certification vs. Degree

I worked in IT since 1998, and my CIS degree meant as much to my employers as a bird sitting on a branch outside their window. But once I got my certs, they kicked up my salary. However, once they got tired of me, neither one mattered to the next employer.

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Reaching the peaks of certification

by geekmee In reply to Certification vs. Degree
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Computerworld: The Top Certfications

by geekmee In reply to Certification vs. Degree

FWIW...opposing viewpoints:
Computerworld, May 14, 2002
To give yourself the best job edge and pay boost, consider training that will get you these certifications.,4125,NAV47_STO60464,00.html

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