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Certs are needed for some

By sremiger ·
I think Certs are a good in the sense that they provide a goal for learning. In fact when I shifted to Project Manager I made it clear to my developers that any materials needed for learning to develop software on the dot net platform would be paid for by the company. 0 takers, In fact I have fired 2 senior developers because they chose not to use coding standards and best practices in developing the software. So as of 9/1 of this year I told every developer that they need to get the MCSD by 8/31/2007. The company has stated many times that they will pay for training, books practice test and cert test regardless of pass or fail. Of the 5 developers still remaining 0 books have been ordered 0 practice test and 0 classes have been registered.

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Hooray part two

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Project Manager for Devel ...

Standards are always best put in place by those doing the work. They are never going to put a stupid counter-productive one in.

Well not for long anyway.

Legislative or security standards are slightly different, there you may need some external assistance. Perhaps even a training course.

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Any fine print?

by Ibanezoo In reply to Certs are needed for some

My company also pays for any training or training material you require. However there is a catch.... it is prorated based on how long you are employed after becoming certified. They don't want to pay for your training and then have you bail right away for a higher paying job (they pay less than industry standard across the board). Don't get me wrong, its completely fair in my opinion... but the size of the contract and all the legal mumbo jumbo does scare away people who would most likely take advantage of the opportinuty.

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I used to work for a place like that

by uberg33k50 In reply to Any fine print?

The last place I worked would pay for your test and they had a prorate in place.
Where I am now pays for it all plus bonus and no prorate or strings. They are very education oriented. They pay good wages and rely on the fact that it is a great place to work to keep people here.

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This place...

by Ibanezoo In reply to I used to work for a plac ...

...pays less than standard and is NOT a great place to work. They are holding onto sweatshop mentalities that were fine in the 20's, but don't fly these days. A solid %70 to %80 of this company of ~800 employees are disgruntled. Every week there are about 30 new open positions from people that have quit (most common form of quitting is clocking out for lunch and never coming back. Close second is exploding on the manager and walking out). Then we all get to watch the bosses hop in their AMG S600s and Porches and drive home to their beach front houses with private docks and yachts.... I guess I stay because it is a challenge and I am determined to bring this company to the 21st century.

Eh... sorry got a little off topic there

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I hear ya

by uberg33k50 In reply to This place...

Yep the last place I was at was very much like that on a smaller scale. They are going to end up losing the company if they don't change some major attitudes on management and the worth of employees. The stress was litterally ruining my health so I got out and I am glad I did. Good luck to you I hope it works out well.

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