Change Wallpaper using script? Override GPO?

By kentontator ·
I want to run a logon script on my local machine that will override the GPO and change my wallpaper each time I log into my computer. I can change the wallpaper manually but its a pain to do so each logon/off. So I am thinking a script would be a simple way around this. Anyone have an idea of how this could be accomplished?

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no ill intent

by kentontator In reply to We understand "why"

well i have no ill intent its only changing a background....i can do my own research. I like asking here because most people I have come across are generally friendly and helpful. Churdoo you are neither so please, and as its a public forum I can't tell you to not post here only ask that you don't waste anymore time typing up a response

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Methinks my lord doth protest too much ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to no ill intent

Unfortunately you've now taken up that shovel with which to dig yourself a deeper and deeper hole from which you will never climb out.

How come Churdoo is deemed by you to be neither friendly or helpful, eh? The only input has been one of explanation for the professional stance that we all take on TR.

If you don't like a professional response, then don't post here asking for professional help.

Sheesh - some folk get really upset, really easily!

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You just committed an unforgivable...

by cmiller5400 In reply to no ill intent

NEVER bite the hand that feeds you.

You have posted to TWO questions; BOTH of them yours. You have never offered advice here or answered any questions. Who gives you the right to tell another member that has been around for years and helped hundreds of people not to waste time responding to questions because they are unhelpful and unfriendly? You Sir/Madam are the one that needs to play nicely.

If I posted what I wanted to say, Tammy would have to kick me off of here. So I will leave you with this parting gift of advice instead: Don't post here anymore yourself.

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Can't please everybody I guess

by Churdoo In reply to no ill intent

Thanks OM and CMiller. Funny thing is I was trying to be tactful and supportive and even tried to spin in some humor. Well obviously it wasn't interpreted that way.

There's a lot more I could say, but you're right, Tammy would have to kick me too. Perhaps we should just go to the White House and have a beer!

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by cmiller5400 In reply to Can't please everybody I ...

I'm in for the beer.

I re-read your post several times. I thought it was quite diplomatic.

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ill buy a round....

by kentontator In reply to :D

especially since i got the script working for my bg

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dont worry

by kentontator In reply to Change Wallpaper using sc ...

I figured it out :)

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