Changed CPU in Windows XP x64

By KnightAngel ·
I am running Windows XP Pro x64 with an AMD 3400 CPU. I've been using the 3400 processor for almost a year and Windows XP Pro x64 runs fine. I recently decided to upgrade the processor and installed an AMD 4000 CPU. With the 4000 CPU, the system goes through the bios startup with no problem and the CPU is recognize, but it does not go into Windowx XP Pro x64. When I go into Safe Mode it goes through the Windows startup files and stops at a file with the named acpitabl.dat and hangs. Nothing else has been changed in the system other then the CPU.

Can anyone give me some advice on this problem? Thanks.

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Hardware differences

by mjd420nova In reply to Changed CPU in Windows XP ...

Although the two processors are the same family, there are some differences in the way some of the registers and buffers work so you need to do a repair from the install disk.

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AMD 4000

by KnightAngel In reply to Hardware differences

I am not sure how to do a repair from the install CD. Is there a web site that can guide me? Thanks.

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Easy. Put the 3400 back

by Absolutely In reply to Changed CPU in Windows XP ...

Next, uninstall that old cpu, like you would any other piece of hardware, in the Control Panel. When asked to Restart, "No", then power down & replace your old CPU with your new faster CPU. Now, it works.

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AMD 4000

by KnightAngel In reply to Easy. Put the 3400 back

I tried your suggestion. The end result was the same. The OS hangs when it gets to acpitabl.dat in the windows startup sequence. Any other ideas will be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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Motherboard and RAM

by TheChas In reply to Changed CPU in Windows XP ...

First, does your motherboard support the 4000 CPU? Check the motherboard manufactures list of supported CPUs. You might need to update the BIOS, or the 4000 may only be supported on specific hardware revisions of the board.

Next, does the 4000 use a different Front Side Bus speed? If so, your RAM may not be fast enough for the 4000. It's also possible that your RAM was on the edge of running with the 3400, and the 4000 is just too fast for your RAM.


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AMD 4000

by KnightAngel In reply to Motherboard and RAM

I'm using the ECS KN1 Lite Extreme motherboard that can use the 939 pin AMD Athlon 64 and 64 FX. It supports up to 4G of 3200 DDR400. The system currently has 2 - 1G Kingston 3200 DDR400.

I'm not sure what you mean by Front Side Bus. I went to this web site,, for a review of the CPU, but its a bit over my head. If I read the review correctly, the 4000 does support the Kingston 3200 DDR400.

This is terrible, all I wanted was a simple performance boost. Later I have in mind to add another 2G of ram and I though simply taking out a CPU and putting in another would be easy. As I said before, I've changed nothing else in the system other then the CPU and when I put back the 3400 CPU everything works fine. Any advise will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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BIOS Update?

by TheChas In reply to AMD 4000

I recommend that you check the version of the BIOS on your motherboard. Then, go to the ECS web site and see if you might need to Flash your BIOS to support the 4000 CPU.

Just make sure that you do not have an old revision motherboard before you flash the BIOS.

If you have any doubts or qualms about flashing the BIOS, seek assistance.


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Upgradation of Processor

by ar_shashikumar In reply to Changed CPU in Windows XP ...

In Windows Xp Operating system, if we change any of the Hardware say example Processor, motherboard etc... the Hardware Abstraction Layer would corrupt. So you need to repair the OS by using Windows Xp professional CD.

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Should not be the issue

by TheChas In reply to Upgradation of Processor

I do understand your comment and concern. However, in this instance, the only part changed was the CPU itself. The HAL should be unchanged.

"If" the motherboard or other major system devices had changed, I would agree with a Windows repair. Heck, for a major system change, XP should have triggered an activation event.

While we cannot rule out the the system could be repaired by performing an in place upgrade, or a repair install of XP, changing just the CPU itself should not require this.


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had experienced.....

by ar_shashikumar In reply to Should not be the issue

I had a system of P4 2.66 GHz, due to some issues I replaced the processor to 2.8 Ghz. It was shown Operating system not found. I had experienced this issue. We have to do repair for this problem(According to my knowledge).

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