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By Oz_Media ·
Ok on a different note, The Stanley Cup.

Before I continue I will just briefly note that although I have attended quite a few Vancouver Canucks games and have played kamateur hockey myself, I am really put out by how hockey has become so focused on money and internal poilitics instead of a way for a specific town to compete with it's own ciizens against another. Hockey has just turned into a money grab for many cities where it is successful.

Anyway, today I had a client call and make a request that really showed me how seriously SOME Canadians (and Americans I'm sure) take hockey.

I was asked if I could dial-in and change thier outgoing auto attendant message to notify customers that they were closed at 3:30 PM instead of 5:30PM today so everyone could go home in time to watch the hockey game!!

They are going to close early, inconvenience customers and lose revenue so they can watch a hockey game! Only in Canada I say.

Would YOUR boss close early so you could all go watch the game? NOTE: Vancouver is NOT even playing, it is the much hated Calgary Flames. But in Canada, sports fans are not really true suprters at all, if our team loses, everyone says they suck. If they win, everyone buys tickets and says they are excellent.

When losing, the stadium is stil full, when winning they are sold out for weeks ahead.

SO these 'so called' hockey fans are really just bandwagon jumpers who want to be included in success but run from ailure. However, when Vancouvers most detested neighbours, the Calgary Flames, are in the Stanley Cup, people close businesses in order to watch a friggin hockey game. Is it just me or does this really sound stupid to anyone else?

NOTE: This is a bio-research lab!

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by TomSal In reply to Changing the subject

...I agree that's stupid to close business, lose money, upset customers over a game.

Hockey is my favorite sport btw, so its not like I don't understand the draw to the game -- I played it several times a week every week during all of my highschool years, and many years later I'd probably still play if any recreational games were in existence near me (and for my age group).

I'm Flyers fan -- I watched the Flyers last game this season at a Phillies game btw, in the new Citizen's Bank park...I was hanging with the group in front of the steak shop and tvs with my back to the LIVE Phillies baseball was pretty cool...We would cheer "Let's go Flyers Lets Go!" at Phillies game.

Flyers lost, they could of won..but they are still my team...that's a real fan.

Anyway...Yeah I'm a diehard NHL fan -- I catch all the games I can...BUT I won't lose money over watching a game and I won't turn down going out with my girl for a maybe some don't call me a real fan.

Btw....I hope Calgary wins the more game, they can have it tomorrow.

Not that I LIKE either Calgary or Tampa...but God I really don't want Tampa to win! LOL



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Hockey in the South

by ND_IT In reply to HOCKEY RULES...*BUT*...

Just seems weird that they would be playing hockey in places like Tampa, Miami, Phoenix, and Dallas. I was talking with someone I know who lives in Texas during the winter months, and people down there go crazy over I hockey. I was really suprised to hear this, since football is pretty much king in Texas, but they think it's a great sport, go figure!

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Yeah True

by TomSal In reply to Hockey in the South

I thought about that before too, and a friend of mine (who lives in Houston) made the same comment -- its funny to hear about an ICE Hockey team in Texas.

Hockey is my favorite sport, second is football - so I'm about to go through a couple months of withdrawal when neither sport will be in season.

And hopefully there WILL BE a 2005 NHL season at all!

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They own the company - I'd enjoy the day off

by JimHM In reply to Changing the subject

In the US many companies in Pennsylvania and Schools close for the first day of Deer season. (thats the first day of hunting Deer - killing bambi's mom and dad - good eating)...

So if the owner or the board approves the office to be closed that day - so the employees can watch the Stanley Cup - Well then I'd be home or somewhere enjoying the day off with pay.

Talk about someone bitching about - having a day off - with pay - someone is in need of professional help Aya - Day off with pay - and has a problem with it... Sick Sick Can'nuk..

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Mine is one of those

by ND_IT In reply to They own the company - I' ...

companies that takes opening day of deer season off. The first Friday of November. Both the wife and had to have the applications in last week. If if the company was open there wouldn't be anyone here left to run the place!

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Got to love it

by JimHM In reply to Mine is one of those

Got to love it - why spend a vacation day when they are going to give you the day off with pay ... got to love it..

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Who has a problem with it Jim

by Oz_Media In reply to They own the company - I' ...

Omstead of constsantly retyping my posts in a futile attempt that one day you may inderstand one of them, I will just ask you WHO are you referring to.

I am not getting the day off with pay, the other companies employees don't get to take the afternoon off with pay.

Who is it you are referring to?

Sick Sick, Yankee

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