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Cheap Software

By sidvail ·
Is discount OEM software legal? You know, the stuff from Russia and eastern europe?

We are getting ready to build about 30 new machines for our company and will need operating systems. My boss, wanting to save money, asked about buying the software from one of those places you get email spam from. Todays email was a company that claims legal OEM versions at a 1/10th of the price of retail.

Personally, I have bought a copy of Quicken through a discount house out of Czechoslovakia - and it worked out fine. It was a real disk with real CD Key. I registered it and have had no problems. I'm still unsure though of it's legallity.

And the place my boss is looking at doesn't even look that good. You have to download it and are provided a CD key through email.

I just feel like this is wrong for some reason. But not quite sure.

Any ideas or advice?

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IBM Keyboard

by eroncone In reply to Hi Julian


It appears that you gave your response to Julian using the workstation keyboard ;-)

An alternative to the keyboard hysteria would be voice recognition... make sure you turn off the mic before making any negative comments about the boss, else you wont have any keyboards to for your worries.

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IBM (or Northgate) --- 12 on the left!

by ARealOldTimerFromIBM360Days In reply to IBM keyboard?

I use many keyboards in my work, but I treasure my old Northgrate 101's with 12 function keys on the LEFT, where they can actually be USED without looking ... 'cept current software IGNORES function keys of course! What I HATE about new keyboards are all the $#@! play, record, volume, access IBM etc. etc. etc. "special purpose keys,
which of course only work with the OEM's machine and its software ... they become useless when you wipe out their customization code by formatting and loading a clean OS copy for example. What a waste of desktop space!

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Never have trouble with keyboards

by AcesKaraoke In reply to LOL

Keyboards always work for me ...unless I spill soda on them. My mice, however, always become temperamental, glitchy, and usually end up unusable.

I guess I'll have to break down and get an optical mouse one of these days.

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Question about Price

by fcolando In reply to Sketchy

I just wanted to find out how people view I received an email from them the other day that quoted:

Office Professional 2003 (Full $135.76)


Windows XP Professional (Full $54.95)

What about a company like that? Would anyone take the risk buying software from Price Grabber?

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by frowzin In reply to Question about Price Grab ... only provides a listing of vendors who can provide that product. They don't actually sell anything. Get the detail from the listing. And be safe !!

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That's GOOD advice

by AcesKaraoke In reply to

Check vendor ratings AND how many have rated it. Usually, only a couple bucks more to buy from a vendor with good rating from over a thousand customer responses than from a fly-by-night vendor with one glowing report from a customer (probably related to them).

Look for names you've heard of,, etc.

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by ccanis2 In reply to Question about Price Grab ...

well i work for a rather small company that sells discounted oem software and we advertise on price graber site is called if interested to see but the botom line is that all that they got it's true you might get here and there like everywhere else cheaters but as far as i can see you have to pay pricegraber in order to advertise so.

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check the sellers ratings

by Lame duck In reply to Question about Price Grab ...

pricegrabber is a shopping site they dont sell stuff
you shloud ck the sellers ratings

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Play it safe - it's better in the long run.

by deetee2000 In reply to Sketchy

When you're talking about closed source software, buy it from an authorised reseller. Licensing is not some thing you should skimp on.


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IT must be oriented to business.

by varocha In reply to Play it safe - it's bette ...

If there is a legal way to get lower licensing costs, then you must take advantage of it. I'm not agree with "Licensing is not some thing you should skimp on": Like in every other business asset, you are responsible to get the better cost/benefit deal.

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