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Cheap training/cert. alternatives?

By privately_owed ·
Is $1000 or more too much to pay to get training and a basic vendor certification? What cheaper alternatives are there for classroom training, or even for the certifications themselves? Anyone have any ideas or input on how to cut some cost out of getting certified?

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Just another two cents .....

by bharri2 In reply to

There are lots of good opinions listed in this thread. Here are mine:
1. As stated before, two equally qualified applicants go for same job, and only difference is one has certification and other does not - probably will hire certified applicant.
2. For about 80% of employers, the certificate will not mean much (except as in case 1 above). But if you are pursuing the cert. 'for yourself', your own gratification, it will always be worth the expense in time, effort & money.
3. Then there's thefinal point - we should all (my opinion) always continue trying to improve ourselves and our knowledge base. Continuous improvement is the key to everything. And - that includes certification, which is one reason why all OEMs continually put out newreleases, versions, etc. We all want bigger and better. And employers will always need people who have the skills in the newest, biggest, best things going - no matter what field you are in. So, naturally Bill Gates & Co. will continue putting out new releases, and requiring new certifications for those new products. This is not earth-shattering news to any of us !

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by ikharding In reply to Old School?

Maybe the costs and the incomes are becoming overinflated. Too many good companies going down, while the CEOs and others reap multi-million$ salaries. The question here is what is the real value of the education/certification that is received. Many young people in schools know more than their instructors about the subjects being taught. How did they get there? Self-learning.

P.S. Thanks to whoever for the URLs re: online training. I use them everyday now.

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So Education is Useless???

by Shanghai Sam In reply to Does certification really ...

What would you think of your doctor if he/she JUST worked but hadn't done anything to stay up-to-date since medical school other than read some magazines and surf the web?

Find another doctor, I suspect!!!

There is a lot to learn OTJ. There is also a lot to learn in the classroom. I'm doing both.


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No One is saying Education is Usless??

by sophie In reply to So Education is Useless?? ...

Most of the responses I've read so far, seem to be saying, yes stay up on your training and education. Keeping abreast of your job responsibilites is important. The question is why isn't that enough to get you a decent job or salary? Why certification at such high cost.


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Certified, is it really worth it?

by rrewini In reply to Does certification really ...

This is the question I am looking in to. I was resently given this project by managers. In the past we have sent employees to SCO Unix training for certification. However this cost over $15,000 per person and thats the question, is this worth thatmuch money? I've started my search by trying to fine cheeper ways for Unix training. So far I have completed a CBT training on Unix and order a few books. I am a firm beliver that we can accomplish our goals with out busting the bank. I am also opento suggestions, please feel free to let me know


Bob W.

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Not waste of money

by jfjpcman In reply to Does certification really ...

I have seven years of hands on experience working with computers and a little over two years working with Networks, and no one would give my resume a second look until I started getting my certification. Almost all the jobs in the papers now days ask for certification. If you hire people without certification what do you use to see if they know their stuff?

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Kudos to you binhcta !!!

by john In reply to Cheap training/cert. alte ...

You are the first person I've read material from who's hit it on the head!

Potential employers who require certification are simply people who don't know enough about the skills they desire to test a candidate on those skills.

I would rather take my laptop with some demos to an interview than a copy of a piece of paper that says I passed a test.

Don't get me wrong! I believe keeping up with new technologies is important. I study as much as I work. And I think this new Developer Republic will be a great resource. But as binhcta has pointed out, the certifications your spending thousands of $$$'s on today will be laughed at in a few short years.

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...right out of my mouth

by Shanghai Sam In reply to Kudos to you binhcta !!!

Hi John,
You took the words right out of my mouth.

You are absolutely right about employers who don,t know enough about the skills they require also they are not confident about the certifications themselves. Even if the candidate is certified they would make him appear for a test and go for inhouse traininig programmes for the specific projects on hand. This puts unnecessory pressure on the programmers to go for certifications just because of the unprofessional 'whims' and technical incompetence of the employers.

I feel that a common platform like TechRepublic could be effectively used to provide free certifications

This is

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Amen to that.

by homepiece In reply to Cheap training/cert. alte ...

I know many IT managers that will take experience over a paper cert and no exp. Once you have a position and experience, the cert will boost your income, but when starting out, opt for experience.

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Define cheaper

by Lisa_halidyne In reply to Cheap training/cert. alte ...

I guess it depends on what you wish to save. I relied on on-the-job experience, a few books and practice testing to get ready for certification. So I spent less than the expensive week long classes - but it took me over a year to prepare and pass all the exams.

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