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Cheap training/cert. alternatives?

By privately_owed ·
Is $1000 or more too much to pay to get training and a basic vendor certification? What cheaper alternatives are there for classroom training, or even for the certifications themselves? Anyone have any ideas or input on how to cut some cost out of getting certified?

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by Shanghai Sam In reply to Websites and online libar ...

I don't know of any online libraries that
have technical books for free, but I know
that some University and other Libraries
have such books. So if you are an alum
you can probably check out books that are
fairly current. Be sure and check the
copyright date and the table of contents to
make sure that it contains recent info.

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by Shanghai Sam In reply to Libraries

Try the QUE books on line. Many of their books are on line and chapters can be downloaded or printed off.

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Cheap Training

by Larry23 In reply to Cheap training/cert. alte ...

Discipline is the key!
Without getting into the whole Experience vs. Certified argument?

You mentioned Basic Vendor Certification;

To me, basic would mean entry level. While it would definitely be a good starting point for someone with littleexperience, you need to determine how basic you want to go before it becomes worthless. Even if it?s free, time is money ? and - in the eyes of the potential employer, is it something they could benefit from?

Start something you could build upon after you get established. Such as MSCE or CNE...

If you?re disciplined, you could lean the same thing they do in boot camps for a fraction of the cost. Microsoft doesn?t require formal training for their certifications. They require product knowledge ? competence!

One relatively inexpensive route to consider is buy a book on Windows 2000 Professional, pay $100.00 to take the Microsoft test and, providing you pass, you?ll have your MCP? a basic ?recognized? certification. Also something you could build upon down the road.

If you want to show a potential employer that you?re committed to the IT field (still for under $1000) buy a few more books, spend a few months studying, spend around $800 in tests and become an MCSE. A far cry from what a boot camp costs, PLUS you?ll gain a piece of paper that looks just like theirs. One hint, though, LEARN what you read, don?t do it just to pass a test in order to gain that all-important piece of paper.

Good Luck!

By the way ? I have an NT4 MCSE certification that I?ll sell you for under $1000.00?

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Cheap Certs

by teknickal1 In reply to Cheap training/cert. alte ...

Although I have not had time to fully read through all of the replies, I figured that I would add my two cents in anyway. There is a site ( that offers free certs. It is a little limited, but does offer some programing tests. Before I went for my A+ and Net+ exams, I went on and took their test. If you pass with a certain grade, they even send you a certificate. I have even got a cert from them for c.

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employers themselves are the problem

by tlyczko In reply to Cheap training/cert. alte ...

See this discussion thread,, for a good explanation of why employers' OVER-pickiness in hiring is causing many people and employers many problems in hiring good staff, withor without certs.
:) Tom

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Silly me, I took a class...whoops.

by Shanghai Sam In reply to Cheap training/cert. alte ...

I'm pretty much preaching to the choir on this one, but taking preparation classes for certification is a total rip-off. As a newcomer to the field of IT, I was looking for a way to get on track and learn what it takes to get into IT. My first go was at one of those rinky-dink "money shops," where they offer free retakes, etc. The place offers teachers who they claim have mega credetials, only to be lying through their teeth. For example, one lady that taught our class was actually studying to take her A+ exam, the same time we were taking the same class. Sure she had some study knowledge on the other students and I, but it was like the blind leading the blind. That experience cost me more than $800. For all you out there who are considering any sort of class, do your research thoroughly. Or, by all means, study on your own terms. You will be in good, if not better shape than I was.

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Hi lamont,

by Shanghai Sam In reply to Cheap training/cert. alte ...

There are some sites which are conducting online exams on different languages. Why cant you go there and write exams after you finish your exam, you can download your certificate and is recognised by many employers also. I know one site :

Hope this info helps you.


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Certification Studies Can Be Cheap!

by Shanghai Sam In reply to Cheap training/cert. alte ...

It is a great fallacy to believe that the more expensive certification studies are, the more prepared you are for taking and passing the final certification exam.

I am both Novell & MS certifed. I download their curriculum, set up a study schedule, buy study materials that suited me best (which means not everything that is recommended). Between libraries, the Net and text book studying, certification has yet to cost me $200. Try it - you will like it.

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by Shanghai Sam In reply to Certification Studies Can ...

There's just one other point that hasn't been made yet. That point is to be choosy about what Certs you go for. Do you go for a MSCE on an OS that'll be gone in a year or two, or do you go for a Cert on something like Oracle or Informix.

Youhave to know your job market. It would be silly for me to go for a MSCE as a UNIX Sys Admin, for example. Go for a Cert that will be useful. If you can, financally, take the Vendor Cert Classes. If you can't, hit the Web sites mentioned earlier in the thread.

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by Shanghai Sam In reply to Cheap training/cert. alte ...

The following sites has some of my favorite likes to free or inexpensive training:

For training ackages I have used HandTech:

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