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Check this out. (talk about technology and privacy rights!)

By TomSal ·
I was pretty un-nerved by this demonstration I found at

If this is where we are headed in the USA that is just plain scary. Take a look (make sure you have audio or else you won't get the full effect of how absurd this is).

I'd like to see people's thoughts on this after they watch it. I can't believe this is what the goverment has in mind, or I should said I don't want to believe it. This is just messed up.

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Well you didn't lay PST on your burger

by Oz_Media In reply to This is an honest questio ...

You paid GST, PST doesn't apply.

They USED to charge 11% FST (federal sales tax) in everything and it was hidden into the price of the item. Much as most other countries still do. It is added by the manfacturer or distributor and doesn't get seen by the end user.

Now they have dropped the 11% inclusive and added the GST as an additional charge instad of an inclusive/hidden tax.
I have two views on it really, with it being added on you are always doing the math when you buy something, bit of a pain in the butt but you get used to it and just overestimate your cost very quickly.

In England, everything is added into the price shown already, so you don't really notice how much tax you are paying.

In Canada they have a GST rebate system, if you are an American visiting Canada you can reclaim those taxes in full. IF you are a Canadian you MAY be eligable for a GST rebate.

Your rebate is calculated basedon your income level though, if you make X amount each year you no longer get a GST rebate, which is a bit of a **** off because you buy more and pay mroe GST.

The best way out is to start SOME form of business and obtain a GST exemption number (just like any other tax number really) so you get a chunk back at tax time.

Computer purchase? GST rebate
Truck purchase? GST rebate

You also have to collect and pay the GST though.

SO it's not bad, I found many prices, though not all as some suggested, actually dropped considerably since GST took over for FST.

I think the boggest livelihood killer Canada has seen recently has been NAFTA. This has had more effect on Canadian personal income and company revenues than ANY ax they could possibly lump on us.

But when it it comes down to it, at the end of the day, we get to live HERE, so it all comes around in the end.

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Used to see all the time

by jdclyde In reply to Well you didn't lay PST o ...

when I was younger working at a tire repair center that Candians would come down into Michigan to get tires.

They would make us wash off the blue, and then roll them around in the dirt before putting them on.

This would save them a bundle on taxes (provided they didn't get caught going back over the border with the new tires.)

That is bad when you save money driving 400 miles. Much like medical now.

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Stuff USED to be cheaper there.

by Oz_Media In reply to Used to see all the time

I lived 15 minutes form teh border at one time, I crossed to get all my gas, milk, cheese, my fiends and I even became regulars at a US bar because it was so much cheaper.
I also poerated two offices in the US, hired US scouts and considered moving the business south.

Then things changed.

It turned out it wasn't worth going to the US for anything anymore, too much hassel, US dollar was too high etc.

WIth the drop in the US dollar, people are more inlcined to shop in the south again but wan't do it nowdays since GWB and the Dark Side took over. Too much hassel at the border and most Canadian who once liked the US have really started to loathe it now.

The general concensus is to let your dollar drop and let our own economy grow. Buy Canadian has finally got some impact and meaning to it these days, but most people I speak to simply do not cross the border due to the hassels from US border guards. I couldn't count HOW many times I've heard, 'It's just not worth the hassle to cross the border".

BY the time you but something, pay the exchange, pay he US sales tax, pay the gas, waste hours crawling through the border (HOURS), it just isn't worth it.

We get bombarded with flyers from US companies trying to get Canadian shoppers back, Bellis Fair was built on Canadian dollars and now starves from the absence. Meridian Volliage was built on Canadian dollars, now is a ghost town.

Peopl ejust can't be bothered with it now, there's not enough money saved anymore. GST and PST with the absence of FST pretty much evens the score.

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Road tax?

by jdclyde In reply to Stuff USED to be cheaper ...

My understanding was there was a huge road tax on the purchase of all tires.

It was also in the early 90's too.

Just wish the US dollar would go back up again. Man I love the pealers when I am getting almost a 2-1 gain on my money! The Landing Strip just north of the Toronto Airport ROCKED!!!

My first trip there was funny. I had to ask them what you did for tipping with the Loonies. Play Slots? Love them Candians....

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Tipping Loonies?

by Oz_Media In reply to Road tax?

Now they KNOW you're an American. LOL!

Actually there is a dancer in Vancouver I used to hang otu with who could flip a coin three or four times on her ****, kinda like when you flip-roll a coin through the back of your fingers/knuckles.

It was a great trick because she always got Twoonies placed in the stage as soon as she got on it.

Then it would encourage drunk clowns to start handing her 5's to one up the last guy, missing the entire point that you can't roll a five dollar bill on your ****, at least she couldn't at THAT time.

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by cp7212 In reply to Used to see all the time

My mom buys her prescriptions from Canada. I am just waiting for the U.S. government to shut that down. Seniors saving money? We can't have that in this country.

You should see the savings, it's insane how much U.S. pharmaceuticals make.

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the Canadian government has been trying to shut it down

by Oz_Media In reply to Prescriptions..

After the last Flu epidemic people came FLOCKING to Canada to get shots, I didn't et a shot but never even got a sniffle either, I love the island, good clean air!

Did you know that they actually run a weekly bus/coach for US citizens to buy their medication in Canada?
It even stops at the racetrack before heading back to Bellingham.

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So you DO support outsourcing?

by jdclyde In reply to Prescriptions..

Because this is what corporations do and we scream and cry that it is bad for the country.

The go overseas for tax breaks, or cheaper labor that will put in an honest days work to SAVE THEM MONEY.

When YOU do this, it is perfectly alright because it is YOU saving money instead of an evil corporation.

What about the local pharmacy that mom and pop have run for 30 years? (the only kind I go to)

YOU are putting THEM out of business because YOU are OUTSOURCING to the lowest bidder.

Please don't rant that this is different, because the ONLY thing that is different is WHO benifits from this.

And please don't imply it is about the government not wanting the seniors to save money. Maybe you are too close and emotion got more of your post than logic? I know, I get frustrated too. You have no idea how many times I write a post and delete it before posting and then come back later on and repost when I am calmer.

Yes, pharmacuetical companies make a lot of money on selling a set drug. How much did it cost to develope that drug? How about all the testing required by the FDA to make sure it is safe? Show about the R&amp that got spent on the drugs that DIDN'T make it to market? More failures than successes.

There is a lot going on, and it is more than even Republicans wanting the elderly to have to eat dog food to make ends meet. The elderly are the SINGLE strongest voting force out there. NO ONE is going to do something that will hurt them as a whole. Remember there was just a perscription plan that just went through not long ago?

The party politics have always been about scaring the old to vote.

There are actually people so out of touch with reality they think the proposed SS reform will cut off existing seniors. All about scaring.

Wow, is that long enough?

Good luck to you and the best to your mother. (gotta love mom, wouldn't be here without them!)

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by cp7212 In reply to Well you didn't lay PST o ...

Yes, I found out I could reclaim the taxes...about a month later. It would have been nice if they posted it at the border. But, as it said in an earlier post (maybe yours?), it's nice to have the foreigners pay some of the taxes too.

Oh well, I consider it a donation to my northern neighbors.....

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NO it wasn't my post

by Oz_Media In reply to Reclaiming

But thank you all the same, my taxes still didn't change though.

It doesn't matter what they DROP from the budget, it doesn't matter WHERE the money is spent or saved, the savings aren't passsed down to the tax level, just reallocated somewhere else.

THat's why I don't understand why everyone complains about wasting tax dollars, if they WEREN'T WASTED, you will STILL pay the exact same amount of tax, nobody's gonna see a reduction in Taxes by changing medical, welfare etc. The money is just buried elsewhere.

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