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Check this out. (talk about technology and privacy rights!)

By TomSal ·
I was pretty un-nerved by this demonstration I found at

If this is where we are headed in the USA that is just plain scary. Take a look (make sure you have audio or else you won't get the full effect of how absurd this is).

I'd like to see people's thoughts on this after they watch it. I can't believe this is what the goverment has in mind, or I should said I don't want to believe it. This is just messed up.

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One of the best Pizza joints in town...

by house In reply to Another one?

Doesn't even have a debit machine. The take credit cards, but they do the old carbon copy thing.

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I saw something like this....

by cp7212 In reply to Check this out. (talk abo ...

I was googling one day and came across a script somewhat like this video. I'm sure the govt. already has something like this on every citizen.

I'm sure in time with all the crap they pass through the Senate and the House, they'll get around to selling it to companies. Just look at the Patriot Act and as much as 9/11 broke my heart, I think it gave the govt. a new way to infringe on private citizens' civil liberties.

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Thank you, Patriot Act.

by Jessie In reply to Check this out. (talk abo ...

As far as I know... the government does not YET have any plans to make the information gathered by rights of the Patriot Act available to corporate America... I'm sure if the large corporations lobby for it enough though, and there's money in it for somebody, this information CAN be had.

What concerns me more is that RIGHT NOW, the American government can check out what I google, from that, they can decide I'm a suspected terrorist, with THAT, they can come into my home, when I'm not there, without informing me, and take pictures of everything on my property, and even SEIZE my property WITHOUT EVER having to tell me they were there, or where my stuff is...

OR, they can decide that me, my husband, one of my children, one of my friends, is a terrorist, and under the PATRIOT ACT, can arrest them, hold them without bail, or a hearing, or even notifying family, and they can keep them in jail, INDEFINITELY!!!

THAT scares me a LOT more than the pizza dude.

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Not if your citizen

by jdclyde In reply to Thank you, Patriot Act.

This doesn't remove any of your current rights to fair trial and a lawyer.

If your NOT a US citizen, then you never had those "rights" in the first place because the Constitution provides for Citizens under that government.

If you do have a link that points at the wording in the Patriot Act that says otherwise I would be happy to go and read up on this.

Most of the bad press is just that, people running around MAKING UP stuff. My instructor last semester tried to claim a poor lady that was on the way to the store to buy groceries couldn't because a collection agency used teh Patriot Act to take her last $120 for an unpaid medical bill. He didn't like that I called him on this and he could provide NOTHING to back up his wild rantings.

Not saying yours is wild rantings first of all, just would like to be able to verify this first.

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I was partly right :)

by Jessie In reply to Not if your citizen

According to this summary (I'd have used something a little less "biased" than the ACLU if I could've found any OTHER info on it) it is only non-citizens that can be detained indefinitely, but it's true that a citizen can have their home and property searched and seized on SUSPICION of terrorism, or of supporting terrorism.

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How does Canada apporach this?

by jdclyde In reply to I was partly right :)

If there were a terrorist suspect in Canada, I have no idea where the government stands on this.

My big thing, when it comes to things like this, I am suspect for a few reasons.

One, a summary instead of the whole document with links to the offending places? Hmmmm.

The other thing is, if it was that bad it would be all over the place. The NY times or someone would have this, or CNN.

I know you don't like Bush, your choice and it isn't in me to judge on this.

Just got to pick and choose the sources for the poison that is being thrown around, and ACLU hasn't stood for the comman American in a long time.

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I understand

by Jessie In reply to How does Canada apporach ...

And I'd MUCH rather have the entire 307 page document to sort through, than have a "summary" spoon-fed to me. Alas, 307 page documents penned by our illustrious government don't often get posted to the internet.

I'd be interested to know myself how Canada and other parts of the world deal with such things.

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Can have your home searced in Sweden too

by Gunnar Klevedal In reply to I was partly right :)

In Sweden the recording industry can have your home and your workstation searched, with the aid of the local police. It is enough that they file a complaint, and then the police go to the victims home and collect all media and the PC.

It all starts with the IP-address, which is the key to all personal information.

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by Oz_Media In reply to Can have your home searce ...

You STILL get to live in Sweden! Metal land!!

I LOVE Sweden, the people are simply amazing, I also enjoy Germany, France (sorta)but the best metal has got to be Europe and Japan. The best fans are in South America. Europeans are VERY loyal to music and artists, in North America fans are just w.hores who jump from band to band when the flavour of the week is changed. It is also an industry dominated by labels here, DJ's are paid to play, stores, radio stations, TV channels and Record companies are all owned by the same massive conglomerate and the industry is just a giant advertisement like one of those crappy magazines that is full of subscription cards and ads.

There is no Brave Words and Bloody Knuckles, there is no Kerrang, there is no NOTHING, just conglomerates that own and control the entire industry from the studio to the radio. That's why music here is so lame and teenagers are buying Enrique Iglasias, Sum41 and Blink182 CD's.

Mind you I did sue a Swedish band last year for copyright infringement. No big deal, they just had to change their name and pull music from a few stores, they were an indie band so not much depth was there anyway. They had done so twice before, so I gave them some tips on avoiding the issue in the future. They (both bands) all went out for drinks afterwards, they were realy cool, met with the band I represent that was fighting for the local copyright and ended up jamming and making friends with them. A MUCH much diferent world than NOrth America, it would sicken you to see who people act and how possesive and individual some people are IN North America. Most parts of Canada, save the major eastern cities, are OKAY, but when you get into the larger cities it is ridiculous.

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No Credibility AT ALL

by jdclyde In reply to Check this out. (talk abo ...

First, it starts very vague that the Bush Admin and current tech will make this happen. How about a direct statement of HOW and WHY this will happen. Who is pushing this through and on what bill? Who voted for it an when? Just a bunch of scare tactics.

Second, this is the same group that has defended NAMBLA's RIGHT to post on their web site instructions on how to seduce little UNDER AGE boys.

They will defend ANY religion, accept for Christianity.

This is not an organization to protect us anymore. It is to push their agenda only.

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