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Child pornography.

By jardinier ·
Recently in Australia the police have busted a huge ring of people who are accessing or
have in their possession child pornography. One person had 350,000 images, and some thousands of videos.
Several hundred people have been charged, including policemen, school teachers and clergyman.
Already six of these accused persons have committed suicide.

My question is, to all you IT pros, just how easy/difficult is it to access this kind of material?

An experimental search gave the following results, using the key words listed:

kiddy porn: 38,600 websites
nude children: 1,740,000 websites
child sex: 4,000,000 websites
children f**k: 366,000 websites

The first twenty entries on each of these searches were predominantly discussing the undesirable nature of the subject.

But, using the key words "children f**k," although 366,000 websites were indicated, after the first 20, the search engine (Google) gave the message: "There are no matches for your search criteria."

Well this would indicate to me that censorship of this type of material is built into the search engines, or perhaps comes from the ISP.

As I propose to compile an article on this subject, I would appreciate any information anyone can give as to how this type of material is accessed.

From the censorship of one search, it would suggest that these websites are only learnt by word of mouth, to some inner circle of paedophiles.

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Many thanks

by jardinier In reply to Child pornography.

I really appreciate all the information given to me in this discussion. The topic has been covered thoroughly and from various angles.

The idea to post this question was inspired by a friend who pointed out that the media coverage of this situation did not in any way explain how these websites were accessed in the first place, and that people might be curious about this aspect.

Her curiosity quite likely is related to the fact that her father was a policeman, she married a policeman, and one of her sons is a cop turned PI.

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by Oz_Media In reply to Many thanks

Julian, there are more passowrd crack and hack sites than one could possibly TRY to visit in a lifetime.

LITERALLY hundreds of thousands of them. Mainly into Eurpoean sites with less user security than North American sites where every user means money and no amount of money spent to secure thier money is too much.

Kids knwo these passord and index hacks more than most adults, it is somethig learned in school. I watched my nephew, just turning 10, hack a paysite on Thanksgiving day, just to show what a friend at school had shown him. It wasn't porn (an online kids site with members only content)thankfully but it took him a whole 10 minutes to get in with a newly aquired password.

People don't give kids any crdit, they continu to think they are little children long after they cease to be innocent.

When I was a kid, I was having sex and partyig LOOOONG before my parents even considered it an issue worth mentioning.

Today it is even moreso, kids at 12 hae generally experienced it all, yet many parents shake thier head while saying 'not MY kid'. YES YOU'RE KID!! Unless he/she is kept in a cardboard box and only let out for daily tutoring by his parents and not allowed to socialize.

Just because some kids don't ACT the way others do in school, doesn't mean that they can't or don't know how.

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What about the Marines?

by gnatech In reply to Child pornography.

I am a Marine, and I have bombed elementary schools in Iraq and Afghanistan. My father bombed little kids in Vietnam. His father's father kept little kids as slaves. And so my question- After a raid in Baghad we blew the **** out of this orphanage and took pictures. Turns out that in the background was a girls body without a shirt (or legs). Is this kiddy porn?

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Sorry to be so cynical...

by gnatech In reply to Child pornography.

As an historian, I am well informed of the atrocities my country commits. Then, I read in the paper about some 'monster' who abuses children... And it turns out he has some European pictures of 16 year old topless girls. But here in America 18 girls have sex with farm animals for money, and thats ok because they are 18? Iraqi refugees end up in Saudi Arabian sex slave camps, and some get their picture taken, and we pretend that the viewer is the monster while the perpetrator gets decorated for serving their country. Maybe if the world were not such a horrific place, and fathers were not killed by bombs, and kids didn't end up in camps, maybe then child abuse would end. Abuse is a crime. Pictures of crimes are disturbing, but hardly crimes themselves.

My sister was in the World Trade Center. Maybe if the FBI were not peeking into people's windows to see who they sleep with, what they smoke, and what they surf on the web, there might have been a few spare agents who noticed that terrorists on State Department watch lists were in our country planning the **1 attacks.

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Here is how the FBI got the word out

by rands69 In reply to Child pornography.

They posted it in Newsgroups and in Google Groups and from what I have read most of the materials are being passed around on P2P networks ...limewire, winmx, bit torrent places like that ...The feds put a provocative headline in some news group postings ...if you opened up the posting to read the rest it was more provocative and included a link and as soon as anyone clicked on that click click not your mouse ...the handcuffs

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