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Chime in about Windows XP

By debate ·
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xp explorer

by ron In reply to Explorer view

On my system, there seems to be two files named "expolorer.exe". One give you a normal display, the other starts you in my documents-yuck! Ron

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explorr view

by jminga1 In reply to Explorer view

It really is just that simple.I don't know why everyone seems to get so technical when the answer is so simple.

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Explorer view .. then

by gerry In reply to Explorer view

go to tools> folder options> view> and click on apply to all folders. Now everytime you open explorer you will have both sides.

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WIN key + E key

by sb_alex In reply to Explorer default view

Hold down the WIN key the tap the E key - and you'll get to Windows Explorer in the exact format you desire.

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Set Explorer to "C" as default

by john In reply to Explorer default view

To have Windows Explorer open by default to "C" instead of other annoying alternatives, make a "shortcut" to Explorer (if you already have one, use that). Right click on the shortcut, then select "Properties". In the target box, change the entry to read "%SystemRoot%\explorer.scf" . Probably you will have "...\explorer.exe" presently, in which case simply delete the 'exe' and insert 'scf' instead. This way you never have to remember to do anything except start Explorer.

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Another Method to Set "C" As Default

by nycgriff In reply to Set Explorer to "C" as de ...

%SystemRoot%\explorer.exe /e,C

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explorer default view

by country_musicuk In reply to Chime in about Windows XP

Hope this helps. I think clicking on the folders icon on the toolbar will bring up the explorer tree. Works on mine.

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Explorer Default View

by In reply to explorer default view

Yup, clicking the folders icon toggles the left pane off and on.

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Explorer Default View

by Alma_is_cool In reply to Explorer Default View

Hold the windows key down and press the 'E' key, gives you the default view of my computer and the drives tree on the left, the right pane will have the appropriate folders

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Where did the Lock Workstation fearture go

by fmiitbob In reply to Chime in about Windows XP

With Windows 2000 and NT 4 you could do a ctrl-alt-delete and get a dialog box that allowed you to LOCK the Workstation. I have not been able to do that with XP. Can someone tell me if the feature is still part of XP and how to initiate a LOCK WORKSTATION. It is a good way to secure the workstation when you need to leave to do other things.

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