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Use Display Properties to set "lock workstation"

by techiefromHR In reply to Where did the Lock Workst ...

Go to control panel, Appearance & Themes, Choose a Screensaver. Next to the amount of time to wait before activating the screensaver, check off the box, "On resume, display Welcome screen." Windows will now "lock" your workstation upon activating the screensaver as long as your logon has a password.

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Is there an on demand LOCK function

by fmiitbob In reply to Use Display Properties to ...

I have used the Screensaver "Lock" but that requires you to leave the workstation active as you leave your office. Is there a way on demand force the workstation Lock function as in Windows 2000 and NT?
Thanks in advance!

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lock system shortcut

by whughes172 In reply to Is there an on demand LOC ...

I have an icon on desktop
Create a shortcut
paste in the following

%windir%\System32\rundll32.exe user32.dll,LockWorkStation

call it lock or whatever you want

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it's called switch user now.

by mulderlr In reply to Is there an on demand LOC ...

configure your account with a password and any other with a password. Then just initiate a switch user, and the welcome screen comes up requiring your password. In a windows network with the Pro version it works as it always has in 2k and NT. the switch user solution stink because it will kill some apps /applets like VPN connections, etc., but it is all we have to work with now.

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on demand Lock available

by harnm In reply to Is there an on demand LOC ...

When you want to leave. Press Crtl+ALT+DEL then the enter Key. This brings up the the Windows securty window. You have six choice with the default being "Lock Computer". Since it is highlighted, pressing the enter key is the same as click in it. Note This assumes that you have user passwords required on the machine.

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Lock it up

by rabypete In reply to Use Display Properties to ...

To manually lock the workstation (with applications still running), press the Windows logo key and hold it, then press the L key. A Windows logon screen will appear. You can then log back when when ready.

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Lock it Up works great

by fmiitbob In reply to Lock it up

Thank you for you reply. It is simple after you find it.

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Try this...

by KNPepper In reply to Lock it Up works great

Create a shortcut with the following line in the Target field:

"%windir%\System32\rundll32.exe user32.dll,LockWorkStation"

In the Start field type "%windir%"

Now you can just click on the shortcut to lock your workstation (this also works in Win2K). I put it in my Quick Launch toolbar along with my other frequently used apps.

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Press "Windows" + "L"

by peggy.j.settel In reply to Where did the Lock Workst ...

If you press the Windows logo key on your keyboard with the "L" key it will lock the computer for your instantly.

Windows Logo Key + L

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by JAC66 In reply to Where did the Lock Workst ...

You can use the windows key and L on the keyboard to lock your desktop i windows XP. However if you are connected to a server that runs windows server 2000 you can still use ctr+alt+del to lock the desktop

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