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Chime in about Windows XP

By debate ·
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lock XP

by lsustar In reply to Where did the Lock Workst ...

pressing ctrl-alt-delete brings up the windows security screen on the XP boxes I manage. Then just select Lock Computer.

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XP Networking sux!

by skooboy In reply to Chime in about Windows XP

I have 30 whitebox XP PC's under my control, and right out of the box some are immediately capable of joining workgroups and displaying other networked computers in My Network Places, and some won't. For those that won't network, I have tried at least 30 different networking adjustments/changes, with no results! This is ridiculous, as no other MS OS's are this bad at networking. Nothing--and I mean NOTHING--makes easier, better connections to a W2k server than a Macintosh OS9 or OSX computer. Shame on M$.

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XP networking problem

by poncho1977 In reply to XP Networking sux!

I too have a problem with a "white box" (actually self built) and it's ability to join a domain. I can ping the other pc's all day long, but forget about browsing them and seeing shares. I would like to be able to use this pc for lan parties/gaming, but the networking needs to work first! I too have tried different lan card, deinstall/reinstall TCP/IP, you name it. Nothing, nada, zipo works. HELP!

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Confirm Server Settings

by itctonguy In reply to XP networking problem

When dealing with domains, there are a lot of other complications over and above the typical networking configurations with workgroups. You probably already know this, if you have any machines successfully connected to your domain. Verify that your domain has both a computer and a user account set up that is valid on the network and has the proper credentials (ACL rights) to access the network resources and try again. *Remember, you MUST be a domain administrator or have 'special permissions' granted to your domain account in order to add a computer to a domain!*

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networking problem

by jmcd In reply to XP networking problem

I realize this is an obvious question, but will ask anyway. Have you turned off the firewall that is built into XP?

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I didn't know.

by help In reply to networking problem

I didn't know about the XP firewall. How do I turn it off? Do you think this could be my problem with Novell clients taking 1 minute or more after logging in to get past the login screen or could be the problem causing users to have to shut off the computer after getting in an endless loop with logging in & getting the login screen again and again?

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Turning off Firewall

by Ver Holipaz In reply to I didn't know.

1. Go to Control Panel.
2. Select Network Connections.
3. Select Local Area Network.
4. Go to Advanced Tab.
5. Uncheck the check box that say,
"Protect my computer and network by limiting or preventing access to this computer from the Internet."
6. Click OK and exit Control Panel.

You may have to restart your PC (not sure).

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Turning off Firewall faster

by gerry In reply to Turning off Firewall

1. Go to Control Panel.
2. select windows firewall and turn it off.
3. go to contol panel Security Center and click on "Change the way security center notifies me" un check the firewall box or you will keep getting anoying popups telling you your firewall is off.

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Same story

by _Tom_ In reply to XP networking problem

Exact thing here...notebook . I can also ping others pc, but no shares.. If you log with this user on another pc works like a charm. The best thing is, that it worked till the user went to hollidays. When he returned after a week and log on....nixa.??!!??

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Xp Networking (Questions & things to try)

by Rmeade In reply to Same story

Are you using DNS or Wins settings?
If you don't have any thing in wins you might try using one of the computers for a wins server.
Also if the DNS is wrong then you would have a problem seeing the other computers.

You said that you could ping the computer is that by IP address or by computer name?
If you can ping by IP address then try pinging the computer by it's name. This will tell you if you are able to resolve the name of the computer and will verify that DNS is working correctly.
nd what do you have set as a default gateway.

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