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China recruiting U.S. IT grads

By jkameleon ·
China's rapid economic expansion has allowed Beijing to fund a recruitment drive targeting some of the best and brightest IT graduates from U.S. universities, according to Chinese sources.

In turn, this brain trust is being used by China both as a control on its own Internet revolution and as a potential resource for North Korea' cyberwar program.

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Couldn't they just outsource like the rest of the world?

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I am a Pinko. Your a pinko.. were a pinko. don't you want to be a pinko too

by faradhi In reply to A couple of things

100 million, 2 billion... No wait, thats 100 billion... which is 5 %... no wait that .89%... no wait it is really 2 billion..

Your a commie.... I am capitalist.... No I'm a commie... your a capitalist

Its all religions fault.... Not its not...

Awww screw it... I going to work for the chinese.

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faradhi - While you've had it with stupid questions. . . . .

by maxwell edison In reply to A couple of things

....I've had it with stupid conclusions, and stupid assertions, and stupid reasoning, and stupid logic, and stupid misrepresentations, and stupid .....

That's why I attempted to correct that guy's stupid and flawed logic. AND HE STILL HASN'T ADMITTED TO HIS FLAWED LOGIC!

And what did we get? A blizzard of other messages.

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Max, I understand

by faradhi In reply to A couple of things

I was having a little trouble getting my head around the conversation. I was also trying to inject a little humor not belittle your frustrations.

I have found that sometimes, even if I believe in something passionately, I have to give the other guy the right to be wrong. It was either that or give the doctor the check for ulcer repair.

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faradhi - I loved the humor

by maxwell edison In reply to A couple of things

And that's all I took from it.

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It's not about logic

by jkameleon In reply to A couple of things

> That's why I attempted to correct that guy's stupid and flawed logic. AND HE STILL HASN'T ADMITTED TO HIS FLAWED LOGIC!

Religion, personal beliefs, logic, mathematics (especially statistics) is always subordinated to politics and interests. A wise person adapts his/hers momentary creed and logic to the state of the bank account & social status.

If you are employed, you can rest assured, that someone is spending sleepless nights pondering about how to cut your salary, or get rid of that expense alltogether. That person's beliefs, logic, mathematics, and statistics are substantially different than yours, as well as entirely incompatible with yours.

> And what did we get? A blizzard of other messages.

That should mean something, don't you think?

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Give me a break!

by Oz_Media In reply to China recruiting U.S. IT ...

First of all it's that the jobs are going overseas, and now it's that overseas employers are hiring US grads?

What if YOU were a grad seeking work overseas? Sounds like a pretty damn good opportunity to me.

You guys whine when you get it your way, you whine when others get it their way, you just WHINE WHINE WHINE about what everyone else is doing and don't do anything to better yruselves instead!

God, it's tiring listening to it all the time! "They can't send our jobs to China!", "They can't hire our grads to work in China!", "They can't breach OUR sanctions!", "We can breach our agreements because they breached theirs!"

As long as the finger is pointing at someone else, you never have to face the scary reality of pointing it at yourself and looking inward. the old head in the sand routine, 'it's not us, it's THEM!' Sad but true.

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Speaking of whine

by maxwell edison In reply to Give me a break!

You're at it again

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by Oz_Media In reply to Speaking of whine

Just sick and tired of people running in circles screaming about how the sky is falling everytime they hear about another country having anything to do with the USA.

If you want such isolation, you are supposedly the most powerful nation on Earth, make it so...and best of luck with that then.

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Same thing back to ya'

by maxwell edison In reply to No

Same song, different verse.

By the way, speaking ONLY for myself, what did I say that got your panties in a bunch?

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You didn't say anything

by Oz_Media In reply to Same thing back to ya'

I don't think anyone "said" anything in particular. It was just my realization that all these threads on TR are aboutpersonal liberties, personal rights violations, big brother is watching, the world is against us.

It was just overwhelming, "NOT AGAIN", then I realized it echoed all of my earlier comments regarding only looking outward and not accepting personal responsibility instead of worrying about what others are doing. Everyone is a "victim" of somthing, it seems,and it's always someone else's fault. Sorry, I'm just getting tired of the political soap opera.

I much prefer the Frdiay Yuk to tell you the truth, have to thank Guru for that one.

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