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China's Internet Under Attack

By DanLM ·
There has been a couple of discussions here about China and thei illegal activites that origionate from them. I have always been of the impression that these activities were endorsed by the national goverment... Now, after reading this article.

I am starting to wonder now... With all of monitoring that the Goverment of China performs on its citizens, they still are under seige from the same type of infections that we accuse them of.


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The locals are under seige from the infections

by jdclyde In reply to China's Internet Under At ...

just like the rest of the world.

What is it your trying to say here?

A great deal of hacking comes from China.

The Chinese government is oppressive and tries to control access and information.

The Chinese citizens are victims of the hackers.


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Are we blaming the wrong people with regard to what comes out of China

by DanLM In reply to The locals are under seig ...

I have always been of the mind that the hacking that comes from China was endorsed by the goverment. Could it be that the Goverment of China can't control what occurs on the internet there any more then the United States Govmerent can here?

Thats what I was trying to say.


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I think that

by The Scummy One In reply to Are we blaming the wrong ...

part of the problem of crackers in China and other places is a result of content filtering and dis-information tactics.
Nobody really controls the Internet. And the more that try, the more hackers/crackers will work to remove the control(s).

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The fact that the chinese people

by The Scummy One In reply to China's Internet Under At ...

have been hit with virus attacks does not rule out that some are govt. formed/inspired.

However, I think that all governments have endorsed/created and/or played with creating virus attacks to some degree. I mean, they want to disable an enemy, and communications disruptions can be critical benefit.

However, as far as the government dumping virus's upon the world regularly, I would doubt that. Encouraging developers/hackers to find weak spots is not encouraging them to do harm upon their citizens or facilities. It is scumbag crackers that do these things, worldwide and on mass scale.

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This article has changed my mind about some things

by DanLM In reply to The fact that the chinese ...

I still will protect myself from any and all probes from the China homeland just because I have no buisness with anyone there... But, where I am now wondering if my thought process of thinking it was goverment sanctioned(look the other way) may be incorrect.

Do I think the Chinease people are worse then anyone else... **** no, just alot more of them to become infected to use as zombie hosts is where my thoughts are turning now.


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No but.....

by JamesRL In reply to This article has changed ...

I don't think that the chinese government is sponsoring many or any kinds of attacks from China. They may be doing exactly what the US military is doing in cyber warfare research, but not on a wide scale.

But consider this; the law of unintended consequences...

The chinese government puts up barriers and walls to content on the internet. A large number of people actively work to circumvent these walls. They use hacking techniques. A small fraction of those who learned hacking techniques to circumvent controls, go to the next level and learn malicious hacking.

In a population of over a billion, a small fraction of a fraction can still be millions of people.


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Yes, agreed

by DanLM In reply to No but.....

The article gave me a whole different perspective of what occurs in China.

I found it very interesting, and thought it was worth sharing due to previous conversations that have occured here.


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