Cisco IOS Images

By Acer1986 ·
Hi, I have recently purchased a second hand cisco 2620 with IOS Version 12.0(7)T, I'm trying to set up IP Routing over IEEE 802.1Q, but as far as I'm aware,I can only do this with a newer IOS version?
If so, is there anyway of downloading the update without having a service contract?

Thanks for your help

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try here

by burdickmatt In reply to Cisco IOS Images

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by Acer1986 In reply to try here

Thanks for your reply, but I cant't seem to be able to follow the link, page cannot be found.
Thank you

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New question

by Acer1986 In reply to Thanks

I have however managed to get an Image from somewhere else, I managed to get version c2600-i-mz.123-9.bin to replace my c2600-i-mz.120-7.t.bin image, I downloaded the image, but now keeps crashing due not enough memory, can I use this image if I upgrade my Ram, if so how much ram will I need?

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Try reading some genuine, non-pirated, printed material

by OldER Mycroft In reply to New question

You might actually ENJOY something that doesn't come from the pirate quarter!

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Are you Serious?

by barretalexander In reply to Try reading some genuine, ...
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by -Q-240248 In reply to try here

Bad people. Pirated IOS images? BAD! And never go to a Russian site, what is wrong with you people?

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NOT Pirated

by Acer1986 In reply to Uhhhh

I have got my Image from a friend who's got the same router, the only reason I've got the image from a friend, was because even when I offered Cisco money for the image or even access to the download section I was hitting closed doors everywhere, telling me the equipment is no long er supported by cisco, they told me there was no way I can get an Image from them.
I couldn't believe I can't even buy off them. So much for cisco support!

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sh flash

by gregoryaspencer In reply to NOT Pirated

So what you will need to do is type sh flash and see how much total memory is available in flash. Then find out if the image that supports what you want to do will fit on your flash. If not, you can buy flash on ebay pretty cheap.

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Hey ******

by dfdfdf In reply to sh flash

go here:

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Same issue, no IOS

by deca2499 In reply to Hey douche

Just out of courisity, I have been looking for a few hours now, and am having the same problem. I am showing that I have this version c2600-io3-mz.123-13a.bin on my router. When I looked at the FTP site you provided, I didnt see anything to do with the 2620 router. Is there a different location than what you provided? This really puts a crimp in the learning process...

Thank you in advance for your help...

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