Cisco Pix 506e firewall blocking Win07 from accessing a specific website?

I formerly asked the question "Anyone experience in Windows 2007 where certain websites will not open?" I received replies but nothing resolved the issue that our agency's webpage will not open in the four new Windows 2007 computers our agency recently purchased. It can be opened on any of the agency's windows XP computers. I can open the website on a Window 07 laptop on my home network but once I bring the laptop to work and connect to the local network it cannot open the webiste. I've connected a windows 07 computer directly to the gateway by passing the firewall and switches and it can open the website.

I have boiled it down to possibly the issue originating from the configuration of our CISCO Pix 506e firewall. It has been in service for over ten years with very little or no updates. I have no experience with this hardware. It seems you need a CISCO service contract to be able to download utilites or firmware for hardware you own. Our agency does not have a current contract.

Is there a configuration or setting that could cause our agency's website from opening in a window 2007 PC?

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by VCHD_IT In reply to My 2 Cents

Sorry, this discussion has gotten lengthy and I ran a couple other recommended commands yesterday after business hours. See response to dl.wraith above.

I ran the three commands, you recommened, and lost all internet connection. Windows Network Diagnosis reported "Wndows can't communicate with the device or resource (primary DNS server)."

Running the three commands again with the "no": in front of the first two and removing the "no" from the third command did not work to reestablish the internet connection. I power downed the PIX to reestablish internet.

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