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Citrix client on iPad

By The 'G-Man.' ·
There are people out there that seem to think the iPad can run native Windows applications just with a Citrix client alone and that this means the applications are actually RUNNING on the iPad, mad I know!

They fail to understand that you need the infrastructure to host this and the applications are not 'really running' on the iPad at all.

Well, perhaps this will explain how it works and show you that the Citrix client requires a Citrix Server and all the software you want to run installed on another machine, where it runs...

Citrix runs Windows and Windows Applications from a central server, called XenDesktop, and pipes it out to your mobile device through the NetScaler AGEE.

Data centre hardware and licence costs aside you need to pay between $450 and $600 more to get XenApp and actually have applications go from the data center to the iPad.

Hope that has cleared everything up for those that do not understand what Citrix is, how it works and what you need to run it.

If you are still confused, guess you should hire an IT Pro.

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pricing is wrong

by turrenti In reply to "There are people out the ...

I am a fan of Citrix and am trying to get the implementation approved in the next quarter. I am not a fan of the mac mentality and with that comes the role of almost having to be anti-apple to offset the craziness. Pricing per user runs aroun 269 a year for the premium version of xendesktop which includes everything you need besides wan routers if you have other large remote locations. This is Citrix essentials(server HA),secure gateway(vpn),Provisioning server(bare metal),xendesktop(vm with ica client), and xenapp(mac/win app service).

The reason I mention this is because most of our execs have tried to go mac but end up using inferior product like vmware fusion which basically makes the machine the worst of both worlds. I bet if I were to purchase an ipad with 3g I could wow them with the shiny metal and get it pushed through.

Even from a personal point I do see the possibilities with the iPad but we may not see them all till it's jailbroke. All these things have yet to be seen due to current restrictions like no usb ports, or how long will the battery hold up in it's lifetime. In the end if I can use it as a tool to get my request pushed through I am doing it and in that aspect I can see it as a good business tool if it does hold up.

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USB and battery life

by CharlieSpencer In reply to pricing is wrong

Somewhere else here at TR, in one of the multitude of other iPad discussions, I opined that Apple left out an optical drive because including one would be detrimental to battery life. That spinning motor needs a lot of power. I'm now of the opinion that USB was left out for the same reason. It's difficult for an optical mouse or flash drive to suck battery when they can't be connected.

The battery life has been reported to be in the 7-9 hour range in early field reports. That's outstanding, but in my opinion it comes at the cost of features I consider mandatory.

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by Jkirk3279 In reply to USB and battery life

Several tests have shown 11+ hours of continuous video playback, and 43+ hours of music playback with 71% power still remaining.

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