client alway have static IP when i setup DHCP server

By tranthechinh ·
Hi All.

I config DHCP server have a scope is: to
not exclude. But my PC alway obtains IP is:

Can you help me?. When i plug new card on my PC. it obtains IP í :!!!!!!!!

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DHCP server

by deity_chooch In reply to client alway have static ...

It sounds like your <acronym title="Dynamic Host Control Protocol">DHCP</acronym> server is configured incorrectly, or the configuration has changed, but the <acronym title="Dynamic Host Control Protocol">DHCP</acronym> service hasn't been restarted, and is therefore still sending <acronym title="Internet Protocol">IP</acronym> addresses from a different pool.

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DHCP not incorrect

by tranthechinh In reply to DHCP server

Thanks. But i have configured DHCP not incorrect, because other computer obtained IP address from DHCP server. there is only one computer alway obtain ip is:

Please help me!

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by ben.rattigan In reply to DHCP not incorrect

Is this computer a member of the domain? How many scopes are on your DHCP server? Have you checked if any other DHCP servers are running?

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by tranthechinh In reply to Questions

This computer is a member of domain. There is only a scope. and have one DHCP server. My Server is DC, DNS, Gateway. there are two NICs. one connected with Modem (External NIC), other connected with Switch (internal NIC).

Thanks very much.

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It may be basic

by IC-IT In reply to DHCP not incorrect

but have you done a ipconfig /flushdns, release and renew on that machine? Its current lease may be hung up.

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Ipconfig/release and ipconfig/renew.

by tranthechinh In reply to It may be basic

I have done ipconfig/release and ipconfig/renew, try disable and enable back, uninstall driver NIC and install back. But it not OK. it alway is: (out of range of scope of DHCP server.
When i run ipconfig/all it show: IP:
subnet mask: gateway: (internal IP of Server. DHCP server: (of Server)...
This computer is still contected with Internet and well send/recieved mail.

I have try plug other NIC on this computer. and take it obtain IP by DHCP. it recieved IP is : ! I don't understand. Please help me? Thanks so much.

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by Michael Kassner Contributor In reply to DHCP not incorrect

If you try the command ipconfig /all what does it publish as the DHCP server IP addr? Is that the correct IP addr?

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try giving it a

by Sue T In reply to client alway have static ...

try giving the computer a static IP address, reboot and then change it back to DHCP.

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still alway is

by tranthechinh In reply to try giving it a

i have try it. but it alway obtain is: I don't understand. ^-^

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by Churdoo In reply to client alway have static ...

Is there a reservation in the DHCP server giving out the .4 and .3? If so, delete the reservations. If not, reconcile the DHCP database.

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