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Combat Burn out, what works for you

By Jcritch ·
As a old fart in the IT field (20+ years) maybe the old dogs need to teach the new dogs some tricks to stay alive and healthy in this field.

I am calling on everyone young and old, what do you do to keep from burning out?

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by stargazerr In reply to Yeech!

Weell, That sounds about right.....but what the heck...?? I love it ) .. but i will take ur advice...Cheers ears )

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Sounds too good!

by SDiego_admin In reply to Oh So Slaughter me !!!

I've read all the posts and replies and thought I'd add my $.02US. I had a 6 year run in much the same situation as you. Life was great, pay raises were acceptable, and even though I love my work, I still had good quality time with my family. Then two years ago it all changed due to management decisions. I know take blood pressure medicine, have been treated for depression, but still like the work I do. It's just not rewarding anymore. At least not until I find the next place to work. Good Luck!

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It's all about supply & demand

by jkameleon In reply to Sounds too good!

Cool & fancy work everybody likes to do tends to be paid less than tedium. My advice to you: Enjoy your work while you can, but be aware, that it won't last. All good things come to an end, and so does this one- by management fads, your own surfeit, or both. Once this happens, let your enthusiasm go ASAP, and follow the money.

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Find some other thing

by Too Old For IT In reply to Combat Burn out, what wor ...

In my case, repairing old Hammond organs, learning native flute (yeah, the wood ones) writing (pen, paper, old L. C. Smith typewriter) spending time with my daughter while I still can.

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Well spoken TOFI

by V_man In reply to Find some other thing

In my case it's a round of golf every weekend. Leave the cell phone at home. Guaranteed 4 hours of non-IT thoughts. (Some of the same descriptive sentences are uttered though!)

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Golf & colorful metaphors.

by Too Old For IT In reply to Well spoken TOFI

Good luck with that slice too.

Me, I still have a wicked cipher at the lowest note on my new cedar flute. Still working on that, tho Carlos Nakai actually uses ciphers in his recorded work, so I don't feel nearly so bad.

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Golf is an ineffectual attempt to drive an uncontrollable sphere into an inaccessible hole, utilizing instruments ill-adapted to the purpose.
Winston Churchill(I think)

But if it helps, it helps.

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Golf: A pleasant walk in the country ...

by Too Old For IT In reply to Golf!?!?

... spoiled by a little white ball. -

(And I am a good 40-50 handicap myself)

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Tis' what makes it....

by V_man In reply to Golf!?!?

such a relaxation. The knowledge that one is attempting the impossible

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Calibre of the imposssible

by Too Old For IT In reply to Tis' what makes it....

I used to shoot IHMSA handgun competition for the same reason ... to relax. My shooting partner was a obsessive killjoy, but that didn't stop me having fun, and trying to shoot a perfect 40.

In the process I learned a lot of respect for both the lowly .22 and .357 Mag, as well as the .445 SuperMag and .454 Cassul.

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