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Combat Burn out, what works for you

By Jcritch ·
As a old fart in the IT field (20+ years) maybe the old dogs need to teach the new dogs some tricks to stay alive and healthy in this field.

I am calling on everyone young and old, what do you do to keep from burning out?

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Don't take the job or self too serious

by tx1cajun In reply to Combat Burn out, what wor ...

Everyone has an important job and the blood of many organizations, those that include payday activities are often in our sights.

Be friendly to those around you, keep your sense of Dad now in his 80's used to tell me of his "fishing trips" pulling electrical lines in hangars during the 60's.

Be imaginative, we are after all some of the most creative people in the industry. Let the joke come your way, on occassion.

Understand that folks under stress need some relief , even if it is a short walk around the building to take a breather.

Focus is important, but so is the family. Learn to make the important decisions about balance one that you can look back at 80 and understand family and values are all we ultimately end up with , so make it count....

Mercy and Grace ...are often ours share them.

Your Friend,

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Live to work, or Work to Live???

by john.louden In reply to Don't take the job or sel ...

The two common things I see cause the most stress are

- Solution ownership
- Inabililty to leave work at work

I have been outsouring all of my career. Early on I would fight tooth and nail for things I had designed. This caused huge amounts of stress. I now know that most designs in the IT field have a life span of about 3 - 4 years. Thats less that then life of some fish. So it doesn't really matter.

A lot of people take their work problems home with them. Taking work problems home with you is the best way of componding all your stresses (work and non-work) into one. Plus it effects the ones you love the most. Leave the problems at work, they'll still be there in the morning.

However when things get to much, stress toys are the best. There is nothing like throwing a foam toys at people for a few minutes a day.


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Explore own interests

by Soulman918 In reply to Combat Burn out, what wor ...

I have almost no interaction with my manager. I work out of a regional office and he is several provinces away. I get stressed out by his not being an active boss. Phone calls are not returned, emails are not returned, I have not had an evaluation in over 5 years, and the additional training provided is minimal.
In a way I'm glad not to have to deal with him as often because the times that I have dealt with him, I've seen signs of a bad manager coming out.

The best way for me to relieve burnout is to explore projects of my own interest. I enjoy programming, but work as a network administrator. So in my spare time I like to design programs for my location. I also come from the operations side of my business which helps me to design programs that are usefull to the business. The other way I've kept burnout at bay is by moving between locations. We are spread across Canada / US and are now branching out into Europe. If I get tired of working at one spot, I just start looking for another opportunity at another location within our company.

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too late

by 4rd4fun In reply to Combat Burn out, what wor ...

as another "old dog" (30 years)I am afraid it is much too late to keep from being burned out- just pretty crispy these days?

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this works for me ....

by DaveSlash In reply to Combat Burn out, what wor ...

I can't say that it'll work for everyone, but taking programming classes at the nearby community college has GREATLY helped me avoid burn-out and boredom. They have SEVERAL great classes that meet one night a week.

For major geeks (such as me), it's A LOT of fun, and it's a great way to learn new technology that often ends up being applicable at work. So far, I've taken full-semester classes in Java, HTML, XML, SQL Server, and C#.

I've been programming since 1981, so taking the classes helps keep me "fresh" and up-to-date. (It even helps me feel younger by being around all the younger, college-age students.) :-)

Additionally, it's even nice to "get out" one night a week.


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Burn Out

by Grimshiire In reply to Combat Burn out, what wor ...

Play a lot of LOD. Nothing like senseless violence to keep things interesting.

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An old fart's response

by alsie In reply to Combat Burn out, what wor ...

I am an old burnt out HW fart - 30 yrs exp.

The trick is to live Low and accumulate
enough F U money to bail out early and
become a part time insultant.
That way, your time and expense are flexible.
Thats the best feeling / way.
One in these high tech careers must resist
the temptation to become a SITCOM -
Single Income Two Children Oppressive Mortgage.
Stay single, childless and cheap.
Avoid locking yourself into an expensive lifestyle.
Toys are where its at!

There is NO way to deal with
a ******* boss / lousy company.
You can only move on.
Ive been down this road a few time in my career.
I know.

"Stress - its the killer!"
You must control your stress or
it will eat you alive.
No job is worth your health and sanity.
A stress filled life isnt worth living.

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I find

by maecuff In reply to Combat Burn out, what wor ...

That binge drinking and masterbation work quite well.

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Combat Burn out, what works for you

by pvonsteinm In reply to Combat Burn out, what wor ...

I work in a very remote and local government. The things that this government agency does would create tax payer outrage if it were located in a medium or bigger city.
Everything is politics...everything. That's only part of the problem. The main problem is that those in charge don't know how to perform the four functions of management. When you try to get them to do that they ignore or chastize you.
I have been employed here for 5+ years and it hasn't changed an iota.
The problem was that wherever I have worked before I have improved the situation. I found that here my values were in conflict with the Mode of Operations. I decided after many nights of sleep deprivation that it wasn't worth it.
Ever since then I have slept like a baby. My productivity has significantly decreased. But, apparently that's the way they want it.
There are many "YES"men here. Everyone wants to tell those in charge what they want to hear and no one want to contradict them. When doing so we have lost 3 County Managers in 5 years.
The taxpayers are suffering because of lack of management skills and "yes"men.

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Rules of engagement

by steveoh In reply to Combat Burn out, what wor ...

Our market is anyone stupid enough to press the power switch.
When they do, they?ll need us more than we need them.

Stress stems from their unrealistic view of the situation.
Our task is to convince them of reality, or suffer THEIR grief.

There is only one way to achieve the desired outcome.
Our way.
Make sure you know how. Lies will hang you by the neck, real fast.

Brutal honesty will prevail.
The good customers have been done over before.
The good customers have learned the lesson, because they can learn.
Grab them with both hands. Their ones who?ll pay your bills.
After all, that?s the only reason we do it to ourselves.

17 years too long.

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