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Combat Burn out, what works for you

By Jcritch ·
As a old fart in the IT field (20+ years) maybe the old dogs need to teach the new dogs some tricks to stay alive and healthy in this field.

I am calling on everyone young and old, what do you do to keep from burning out?

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combat burnout

by grobi43 In reply to Combat Burn out, what wor ...

Greetings, in my opinion, you must insure all your time is occupied doing/learning something new in the IT field; there is always something new to learn in the IT/computer field. It will serve to broaden your options, just in case you decide to move on try something else. IT generalists are starting to become move valuable than IT specialists, soley because you have knowledge of other IT areas. I would suggest a consideratio to learn mainframe and it's associated IT areas (we always could use COBOL programmers!)

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Create A Buffer

by mac.lewis In reply to Combat Burn out, what wor ...

Quite often the burnout is due to prolonged exposure to less than courteous treatment. The Boss is not going to change so you must. Insert someone between yourself and the abusser.

Also, if many of your colleagues are experiencing the same difficulty, you may want to rotate close contact to share the load.

No one deserves an out-of-control person, whether they are your boss or just an errant contemporary, to inflict pain on those around them.

Also, understand that the "Bad Boss" may have a "Bad Boss" and thier just taking it out on those around them. Don't take it personally!

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Burning out

by AttackComputerWhiz In reply to Combat Burn out, what wor ...

I just came back to work after a stress-triggered fibromyalgia flare-up that lasted almost a week. Even at home, I was getting email and phone calls wanting help and demanding to know when I would be back to work. Of course, that just made it worse.

I try to keep my personal time separate, volunteering with my daughter's school, scout and dance activities. But my new boss seems to think those are all intrusions. The last straw was being told that I needed to keep my weekends open "in case" a long-delayed project is finalized. She didn't like my answer and threatened my rating for this year. Oh, well! It's not like I would get a raise anyway with the new federal personnel system coming on line.

I try to keep my stress to a minimum by fantasizing what I would do if I got a better job, then I update my resume.

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burn out

by Zoner57 In reply to Combat Burn out, what wor ...

Being in the field for 22 years now a few simple things.

Be even nicer to them. It makes you look good and the flip side is when people are a-holes it irks them when people return kinds to their nastyness. The nicer you are, the better. (Helps if you are sincere)

If it is a boss out side of IT and you have a small IT staff, "arrange" some vacation and sick time for your staff to all be away for a few days. Makes a quick and solid point.

Some people just have to be 'that' way. Either except them for that and deal,keep a low profile or move on.

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Hit the gym

by sharper In reply to Combat Burn out, what wor ...

I am a middle aged female techie in my 7th year of a very fast paced, political, high stress IT support environment. I love what I do but the demands get the best of me and burnout is tremendous. Either at lunch or after work I go straight to the gym and run my brains out on the treadmill, then I hit the weight machines. This drives the stress right out of my system. A lively game of raquetball works wonders too!

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My release

by Jcritch In reply to Hit the gym

For me, while other mid life crisis buddies bought expensive "gee I wish i were young again toys" I joined my Fire department as a volunteer, and now have moved into a part time position. Nothing more satisfying than slaying a dragon at 0200 in, or extricating someone who wrapped their car around a light pole.

Granted, the "part time" release could add it's own stress, especially when you pull a body from a burning building, but that is life and you move on, but this is so far removed from IT and is great.

For me, the worse is a SIDS death, that is a toughie, but dealing with life and death, I have a new outlook on how I interact with other people. You never know when your or their number will come up and snap, they are gone.

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