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Comedy and politics

By maxwell edison ·
As many of you may or may not know, accuracy in reporting is one of my pet peeves. (This includes "reporting" of any kind, from any and all sources, including an individual. A false premise, I've often said, equals a flawed conclusion and/or a poor decision.)

The Pew Research Center, which I consider one of the more reputable organizations that measure public opinion and behavior, has reported something that is, if you think about it, rather sad. 20 percent of young adults in America, the report says, learn their political campaign news from late night television shows such as the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, The Late Show with David Letterman, Saturday Night Live, The Daily Show, and others. Man oh man, talk about an uninformed electorate. One-fifth of the voting public cast their votes based on comedy and satire! I find that incredible. I find that disturbing.

Another 20 percent gathered their "news" from the Internet. The Internet can certainly be a source for credible information, to be sure, but it can also be a source for the absolute worst misinformation.

Nightly network news was named as a regular source of campaign news by 35 percent, newspapers by 31 percent, and 38 percent said cable news networks was a source for political campaign information.

Obviously there are overlaps in sources, which is understandable, since many people, myself included, use a myriad of sources to gather information and as a way to (hopefully) weed out misinformation.

But the article concludes as follows:

"Young adults were far more likely than those over age 50 to say they regularly learned something from comedy TV shows ? by 21 percent to 3 percent. In general, Americans are poorly informed on specific information about the campaign. Those who regularly learn about the campaigns from entertainment shows were even less informed."

They "learned something from comedy TV shows"? Comedy TV shows?????? Sad, very sad indeed.

What do you think? What are your sources? Do you think the Internet is more a source of information or misinformation? Do you even consider the "comedy" shows at all? How many try to find the necessary "balance"?

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Personal Experience

by TheChas In reply to There is only one reliabl ...

Actually, the only "reliable" source is to be an actual witness to the events of the days news.

You won't get the behind the scenes information.
But, you will get a report that is only impacted by your personal biases.

Thanks for the humor though.


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And I thought I was the only one...

by TomSal In reply to There is only one reliabl ...

...glad I'm not alone. LOL!

I just hate when Bubba has other friends over at the same time...never know who to listen too..

Especially his friend Damian, mean little bstrd he is....

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General public

by Oz_Media In reply to Comedy and politics

I have to see two things here. One, you were previously right, I was wrong. Two, I may have a point that you've failed to see.

1) You stated ot as many people are politically savvuy as I claimed, your numbers prove that. I still believe they WNAT to be politivally savvy or try to SOUND so. Perhaps resulting in people just following someone else's opinion without research (sheep?)too bad i can't use 5pt font for that remark.

2) I have often said that Americans are ignorant to the rest of the world as they only see a very limioted viewpoint and don't really accept or want to learn abour others (France, England Germany Canada)as it is not american and therefore not pat of thier world.
Not being informed is being ignorant (not stupid) just unaware of reality due to unexposure.

I don't want to start a feud again, so I'll ley it to rest here. I just thought that your post raised some thoughts I've had and perhaps explains why I feel this way, not that Americans aer all supid, just that the general public is ignorant due to lack of knowledge.

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Max if this was in Australia

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Comedy and politics

I could say that Politics is a Comedy as we get broadcasts here of either the House of Representitives and the Senate on the very rare occasions that these places are sitting.

When these are broadcast I can honestly say I've seen better behaviour in a preschool sandpit than what I see in our elected officials. Perhaps if you're Congress etc where televised more people would have a better idea of what actually goes on in Government but then again you would first have to get them interested enough to watch the broadcast.

Most people prefer shows like Rubbery Faces which was shown in both Britian and Aussie and stared our current pollies with all their little fobiles and you could just laugh at them but unfortantly as these people are making the decissions on how a country is run it is more like a "Horror Movie" than a "Comedy"


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Can you really trust anyone's opinion?

by R3D In reply to Comedy and politics

I refer to the old saying, "...if everyone called you a bucket, well, then you're a bucket!". Even if everyone thought that a certain person was an ideal candidate, and this seldom happens at all, we have no clue as to what that person is really like inside. We can't read that person's mind and see, "OMG, he really wants to destroy all humanity and take possesion of the world! But he seems so niiiice". To quote forrest, "life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get". You may just get a fruit filled nut bar bent on total destruction hidden inside a candie shell. lol... The sad truth is that it is all a big joke. Even to think that the person you choose is doing all the work himself. What? You don't see the puppet strings attached to his back? There are greater forces at work here, ones which I would like to avoid. This is not a rant, nor am I a whacko myself, but to think that the person that you idolize for a political position is doing everything the way you think it should/will be done, is ludicrous. 99.5% (just a guess, but probably not far of the mark) of politicians are self serving and egotistical even if they don't show it. I will never trust a politician or any promise made by one, IE. - "no new taxes!"... roflmao... I was laughing out loud when this was said, and people around me thought I was nuts and that he wouldn't raise taxes. Now THAT was a joke! Also, I don't expect anyone to agree with me on this since this is just another opinion, and like A-holes, everyone has one and they all stink... or have a burr up it... If joe **** votes for joe shmoe because he saw him on The Late Show, well, I doubt if it would realy make a big difference in the scheme of things anyways...

Arnold for Governor!!! oh wait, he is... gotta laugh, and hope he does better than the other idiots...


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by Cactus Pete In reply to Can you really trust anyo ...
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Jimmie Carter

by TheChas In reply to Comedy and politics


You may recall that one of the reasons that Jimmie Carter was elected President was his candid interview with Playboy.

The generally ignorant US population liked his "I have lusted in my heart" comment.

Yes, there were other reasons that Carter beat Ford. However, without the Playboy interview, the election would have been much closer.


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On Jimmy Carter

by maxwell edison In reply to Jimmie Carter

I cut my political teeth supporting Jimmy Carter. The first vote I ever cast was for him back in 1976. In 1980, after a rather disappointing first-term, long lines at the gas stations, and the debacle in the desert, I voted for Ronald Reagan. Jimmy Carter was the first and only Democrat I ever voted for.

However, it was really rather thrilling when I had the opportunity to tell President Carter in person that he was the recipient of the first vote I ever cast. I met him at a book signing where he autographed a couple of his books for me. He signed his book of poetry, which he was promoting at the time, and he also signed a first edition of his memoirs, which I had previously purchased and had up on a bookshelf for a number of years.

I'm not crazy about many of his political views, but he's one of the good guys, in my opinion.

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Without a doubt

by jkaras In reply to On Jimmy Carter

Jimmie Carter is the only president I hold in high esteem. I was to young to know how or why his presidency failed but I do know this: he is the only president I've ever seen or heard of who constantly gives to the community. His donations and habitat for humanity where I've seen him in multiple areas swinging hammers actually helping build a house for the poor makes me proud of at least one president. He does this to make a difference not for any publicity for re-election to further his career, its rather refreshing that was deemed one of the worst presidents of our time is the best humanitarian, isnt life ironic? Maybe Bill could perform favors for women who cant get a man, wouldnt that be funny?

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good President?

by john_wills In reply to On Jimmy Carter

On the whole, I don't think so. However, he issued an executive order preventing the export of weaponry to undemocratic American states. El Salvador pretty promptly went democratic ("democratic" doesn't mean wonderful, or perfect, just democratic) and within a decade every American state except Haiti and Cuba was a democracy. I wish he had issued the order for the whole world: that would have saved us a lot of trouble by now.

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