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Comms Room Planning

By gar78 ·

We're about to start planning a new building for our company and we're gathering requirements for our comms/server room. This comms room will house our IT infrastructure and as part of the planning process, I was wondering what others experiences were in doing this. Specifically, I guess I'm referring to things that you have found that worked and also things that haven't.

Thoughts would be much apprciated!

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Only idea I can add

by jck In reply to Comms Room Planning

If you have the in-roof airhandlers...make sure they're not above the room in case the pan decides to look.

At university, they put one over our machine room in the new sciences building. After about 6 months, we came in one morning with the machine room open and fans blowing in...seems that the pan sprung a leak that leaked enough to put an inch or so of water in the floor of the machine room that poured out when the CS chairman noticed a water stain near the door and opened it.

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Here is what I've always recommended

by oskiller In reply to Comms Room Planning

Some of this has already been mentioned, but this is a list I always use for recommendations:

1) Raised floor - allows you to route cables and power nicely, and can also be used to help with airflow around the room

2) More than adequate power, with a full sized room UPS (Liebert etc). Take the power you need, add to it the power you think you need for expansion and then double it. If you think you'll need a 30KV unit for expansion down the road, double it to a 60 and you are ahead of the game.

3) Good air circulation. An AC unit is a necessesity, but make sure that the air can flow around the room adequately. I've seen rooms that had multiple units used to cool a room, which could easily be reduced if they had a system which circulates the air better.

4) Fire supression system - a must

5) Temperature monitoring unit that has alerts to a pager, phone, e-mail etc. This way you can be notified of problems if you are not around.

6) Controlled entrance. There should be a way of monitoring and controlling who enters the room, and the best way to do this is through a card and pic system. This way you know who swiped in and when.

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