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Community redesign coming...

By sMoRTy71 ·
OK, I figure now is a great time to post some of the comps from our upcoming community revamp/redesign.

Not going to go into a ton of explanation about these comps. I want to get everyone's reaction without any prompting about how things might work.

So here goes:
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Please let us know your thoughts. BTW, I didn't make these comps, so you can't hurt my feelings (don't you love a challenge?).


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Actually, both are missing

by Jay Garmon Contributor In reply to then

I get a "This page is accessible only to the Dev Team" error for the link. Also, your avatar image isn't visible to me or anyone else in my building when we view your posts/profile. It may be that only you can see it.

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that is odd...

by Jaqui In reply to Actually, both are missin ...

I have gotten to the dev server from someone else's system so it is wierd that you guys can't.
that should fix the problem.

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I can see it.

by apotheon In reply to Actually, both are missin ...

Then again, I'm probably "dev team".

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oddly enough

by Jaqui In reply to Actually, both are missin ...

I haven't created any access restrictions to the dev server.

I moved it to the main domain server and changed the links in the posts. :)

so it should work for all now.

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didn't know I was on that team

by rob mekel In reply to Actually, both are missin ...

They're no prob. to me.


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Rob: He has fixed it now

by stargazerr In reply to Actually, both are missin ...

so everyone can see it. BTW, welcome to TRI


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Tnx Star

by rob mekel In reply to Actually, both are missin ...

okay that does explain a lott.

And thanks for your welcome. :)


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While the white is blinding

by jdclyde In reply to then

that grey is just a little too "blah". (kind of like it is NOW)

powder blue. just enough to take away the blind.

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by Jaqui In reply to While the white is blindi ...

so you don't like the suggested colour, I was using the grey as an example of how to tone down the glare.

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re-scheme colours

by rob mekel In reply to true...

As I can see you have to totaly re-scheme the colours. Some of the converted white -> grey parts conflict on the original grey ones and so on.

But re-colouring the bright white isn't a bad idea.


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