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Community redesign coming...

By sMoRTy71 ·
OK, I figure now is a great time to post some of the comps from our upcoming community revamp/redesign.

Not going to go into a ton of explanation about these comps. I want to get everyone's reaction without any prompting about how things might work.

So here goes:
Start a thread / Ask a question

View a discussion post

Unified Discussions/Tech Q&A door

View a TQ&A question

Please let us know your thoughts. BTW, I didn't make these comps, so you can't hurt my feelings (don't you love a challenge?).


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that was just

by Jaqui In reply to re-scheme colours

a quick colour replacement in the gimp.
to show the difference in luminosity and the way it makes it easier to look at the page longer.

TR doesn't use images as the pages you know.

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y're kidding me

by rob mekel In reply to that was just

they don't ? , so that's why (some of) the links actually work.

And ... to my luck ... this link (TRI) too.


edited for emoticon ?

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Display open questions

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Can't design manners

Maybe you could put a list of the poster's open questions at the top of the "Start a thread / Ask a question" page. The list would serve as a reminder to close questions, and the more the poster has open, the further down he'll have to scroll before asking a new one.

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Some people

by stargazerr In reply to Display open questions

dont have a guilty conscience. They will just scroll down or press page down and keep going.


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Automatic closure of tech questions

by jardinier In reply to Can't design manners

after 30 days.

I have found that if I don't get a satisfactory answer within three days, then I am not going to get one by leaving the question open.

The original poster could perhaps be sent an email warning that the question will be closed within, say, three days if they don't close it themself.

As various people have posted here and elsewhere, the percentage of questions left open indefinitely amounts to more than 60 per cent of questions answered.

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With the 1 question limit, there is no need to close

by sMoRTy71 In reply to Automatic closure of tech ...

We are going to be limiting the number of questions that members can have open. Our current thinking is 1; however, that may need to be adjusted.

Because of this limit, we have decided to not auto-close anything. We will have reminder e-mails, but will not autoclose.

Autoclosing would just let the chronic non-closers off the hook and allow them to ask more questions (that they presumably won't close).

Of course, once the new system is in the wild, this plan may need to be adjusted.

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Smorty I would tend to think that you'll

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to With the 1 question limit ...

Need a limit of greater than just 1 question perhaps an upper limit of 5 but no more.

1 open question at a time is just too limiting and may drive more people away that what it attracts.

Maybe you could limit it to 1 open question per subject or something along those lines but if lets say you where facing a new environment with a heap of mixed hardware some old and some new it may be that you would need to ask more than 1 question about different parts of the system rather than effectively asking several questions under the one heading that may not be applicable to that subject.

By the way while I've been away the last couple of days which one of you hacked my TR Account and upset Beth? Was it Jay or Smorty71?

If you 2 don't pull your socks up I'll tell Beth on you. :^0


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Reminder emails are a good idea

by stargazerr In reply to With the 1 question limit ...

But you might want to set the number of open questions to at least 2 ... Otherwise people who really need to ask another might start asking another question somewhere down an open question ... Maybe put it in as a comment ...

Just a thought


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Because there are so many possible variations

by jardinier In reply to With the 1 question limit ...

on how to "police" offenders, I would recommend a separate discussion on this topic.

If enough opinions are presented, perhaps a predominant viewpoint would emerge.

I have belonged to this website for more than three years, and there have always been grumblings about various aspects of the Tech Q & A section.

There needs to be a consensus -- a majority vote if you like.

Never mind "try this," "try that" -- how about thrashing it out until the BEST arrangment is agreed upon by a majority of TRI peers.

During the term of my membership of TR there have continually been band-aid adjustments -- usually improving one feature while introducing a bug in another section.

I think most if not all of the members who contribute most to answering tech questions are present in this discussion. Surely they are the people who understand best what works and what doesn't work.

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by Jaqui In reply to With the 1 question limit ...

A campaign to close off answered questions...
Reasoning: new scripts.

step one) email everyone that has an open question reminding them

one a) bounced emails means close all those qwuestions and disable member account. >:)

step 2) shut down the TQ&A, then close any question open for longer than a month or two.

step 3) restart TQ&A but make sure all questions are closed off after the time limit.

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