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Company Attitude Towards IT Managers

By Hockeyist ·
I would like to know if the attitude towards IT Managers by upper management and other peer managers has changed over the past five years.
I have been involved in IT for over 20 years. In my experience and those of my colleagues, the attitude seems to be better in the last 3 years. Could this be the result of IT Managers educating themselves in business skills? Could it be that IT skilled people are making it to the upper management level/board level?
In my opinion, in the past, upper management are the ones to blame for the distrust that exists between IT and "the business" often have senior management thrown money at an IT problem in the hope that the problem will "go away". I know, when I was a young IT administrator, all I had to do was ask for a budget and the money flowed and it was duly consumed, no questions asked.
It's easier to train IT Managers in business skills than to train Business Managers in IT skills. There have been a number of MBA IT trained IT Managers popping up in the market. Could this be the reason for the attitude change (if there is one) in the past five years?

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Dependency on IT is on the increase

by victorthangadurai In reply to Company Attitude Towards ...

One of the reasons could be that organizations and all its Managers depend on IT for their survival. With IT governance, corporate governance, security policies etc. IT cannot be changed or modified or upgraded as in the past. So the IT department and IT managers role in the organization is beginning to be seen as a good business enabler rather than a necessary evil.

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by angry_white_male In reply to Company Attitude Towards ...

IT needs to be factored into every decision that is made across the company. When was hired into my present position, the culture was that decisions were routinely made without IT's involvement - but expect IT to support it. IT does not have infinite resources.

Your IT head must be a strong leader who is respected by everyone from the Janitor to the CEO. A weak IT leader will be walked over left and right.

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