company spying on my activities

By ur2slow1 ·
How can i tell, or what kind of software can i use to detect what, if any or all of my activity is being recorded or sent to the office. thanks. also what i do about it, i know that it is their computers, but i just want to be on an even keel with them.

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Read Your Policies

by TheChas In reply to company spying on my acti ...

You need to start by reading your companies Internet and email usage policies.

If you are following the guidelines in the policies, you should have nothing to fear.

Depending on how things are setup, the IT department can track just about anything you do on your computer.

Further, if you do install any software that can track or block what the company does, you could be in violation of other company policies.


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by ur2slow1 In reply to Read Your Policies

thanks Chas, not doing anything wrong, just not wanting to let others have my info. company does not seem to mind public use of computers.

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by TheChas In reply to spying

In most companies, aside from questionable on-line activities, the big thing they monitor is how much time you spend on what they consider to be personal use at work.

This can factor into both performance reviews and layoff decisions.

The best safety is to close your web browser anytime you are not using it.

Personally, I don't perform any financial transactions or make personal purchases while at work. I don't even browse TR from work.


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Many ways you can't detect

by jdclyde In reply to company spying on my acti ...

The most obvious is the firewall. Most firewalls have the ability to show activity of the different PC's that pass through them. Where you go and how much bandwidth your using.

I used a similar report because I had one user running web radio taking up more bandwidth than the next 25 users combined. Before I could show the drain, it was seen as no big deal.

They can have a sniffer running on the switch that also tracks what and were of the employees.

And it is not spying, it is keeping track of their assets. If you don't like the idea of them knowing where your going and what your doing, your only option is to find a different job or not do your personal browsing at work.

Not the answer you wanted, but as sniffers are passive, they can not be detected.

You HAVE to pass through the firewall, so no way around that one either.

If they have a proxie server, it can gleen even more.

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Or You Could

by rdubrey In reply to Many ways you can't detec ...

Or you could do like my dad did and get a cell phone with a
data plan that he could hook up to his personal laptop. He
can do whatever he wants that way on his own machine and
his own connection. That is the only answer if you really
want to do what you want on a computer at work.

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Your Dad is obviously a fool

by ComputerCookie In reply to Or You Could

why did you drag this crap out, there are no facts, defined problem or valid response in this post.

Just some guy with an inferiority complex who probably hasn't read his emploment contract anyway. Suggest your father does the same!!!

Edit spelling

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I'll second that !! Who'd call themselves 'ur2slow' without inferiority ?

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Your Dad is obviously a f ...

Nuff said !


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email addy

by ur2slow1 In reply to I'll second that !! Who'd ...

Old Mycroft, what are you talking about? the ur2slow has nothing to do with inferiority, it has to do with racing. why not just address the question and get over your need to grand stand.

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Whoa now, Trigger !! - ....the gloves are now off !!

by OldER Mycroft In reply to email addy

"the ur2slow has nothing to do with inferiority, it has to do with racing."

OK, so your id reflects the fact that you are crap at racing. ...Oh, wait, now I see: you think it means that everyone else is too slow (and you are FAST). In that case your id should be 'I_am_faster@'. - Get my drift??

"why not just address the question and get over your need to grand stand"

No need to grandstand (it's all one word, by the way!) on my part - you're the one that's worried about people spying over your shoulder. If YOU had a bit more self-confidence, that thought would never have entered your head.

Either that, or you are too slow!

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by ur2slow1 In reply to Whoa now, Trigger !! - .. ...

Thanks for the correction on the spelling of grandstand, you are the winner.

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