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is company manufactured pc better or assembled pc better? also can you explain it with reason.

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Not sure I can explain it with reason, but....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to COMPANY VS ASSEMBLED PC

If, by "assembled" you mean one that you put together yourself, anyone who knows how to do it will tell you that a PC you put together yourself is better than one you buy from any manufacturer, big or small. But, if you DO NOT know what you're doing, one purchased from a manufacturer would suit you better.

For those of us who do it ourselves, the reasoning is quite simple. WE know exactly what's inside the PC and on the hard drive because we put it there. We are intimately familiar with our systems. It's not loaded with all kinds of trialware. And, it doesn't have all kinds of "helpfull" crap installed to make your "experience" better (actually, that crap makes it more confusing).

But, when you say "assembled" you actually mean that it's built by a local computer store, not by you and not by one of the giant manufacturers. I can tell you from experience that the assembled PC is far better than the one built by the giant manufacturer on an assembly line. It has been custom built, custom installed and custom tested. Of course, it's going to be more expensive too. The little shop doesn't have the buying power that the giant manufacturers do, so the parts cost them more which is in turn passed on to the customer. And, if the store is any good, they'll give you all the help you need learning how to use it. Not just a user's manual to read.

So, as you can see, there is no right answer to your question. It's a matter of your level of understanding, knowledge and experience that will determine which is best for you.

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by shady108 In reply to Not sure I can explain it ...

depends what your using it for...

if your using it in a business environment, always go for a Pre-Built machine like HP etc, you will find it saves alot of time when the thing goes wrong they will actually come out and fix it, all you need to do is pick up the phone and tell them its broken. Where as if you built your own in a business environment, the only warranty you have is probably 1 year on each individual part, so woul dhave to identify the faulty part, phone up the people you bought it off, send it back, wait for the new part to arrive refit it....basically your looking at several wasted days if a part fails on a custom built machine.

Now for home use it all depends on your skill level and what u want it for.

I always build my own, i like to choose the best components to fit with my needs.

there are many good prebuilt units out there, that are good for most things.

For a decent gaming machine though id build my own... the other option for a decent gaming machine would be the ones made by AlienWare :)

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Have to agree with you.

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Not sure I can explain it ...

Having had both pre-assembled from the major manufacturer and built from scratch by myself and/or a friend, the build it yourself (or have someone build it for you) is best. Pick your own hardware and software, avoid the pre-installed gunk. And yes, it will cost more. But it is likely to last longer and be less trouble. I'll never buy another pre-built desktop.

My 2 cents.

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Depend on many factors, your location, budget and ability to access

by ComputerCookie In reply to COMPANY VS ASSEMBLED PC

to warranty.

If you don't live nearby to your parts supplier, every faulty part will cost you money.

Under most warrranties if you return the faulty part you will recieve a refund or replacement. However, it is your responsibility to pay the cost of the return. So if your provider is not local you will incur charges.

I have never sold a new machine that I built myself, I live in a remote area and it is better to buy a machine from my preferred provider assembled, it also has the OS loaded, so the machine is tested, this may add $40-50 to the purchase price but it is better than having the responsibilty returning individual parts and delaying the delivery of the product.

My previous boss explained this to me and I purchase machines from the same supplier.

I recently heard of a remote high school in central Queensland whereby they traded in their HP 1 year "next day" warranty for 500 flash drives for the students and teachers.

The school principal and two IT teachers all had IT qualifications and believed they could handle all problems.

You need to be diligent to assess the capabilites of Branded suppliers to fulfill their warranty obligations.

As far as budeting goes;

Can you and your employees afford the time to produce these new machines?

Are they competent?

Who will do their normal jobbs?

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As you can see not easy answer to problem, read on

by DadsPad In reply to COMPANY VS ASSEMBLED PC

Home pc, no business - If are knowledgeable or have someone at home knowledge, build own. It will save money and give experience.

Home pc, business - Buy brand name, pay extras for long term warranty. Don't fool yourself. Down time for a business is costly. Using a local business can be a lifesaver, make sure they have been in business for long time and BB approved.

Small business can sometimes be just big enough to have a tech. Problem with assembyling your own PCs is the tech may leave and you have PCs all with different parts & SW, and a new low level tech may have difficulty depending on experience.

If you are from a large business, this is an internal accounting decision that needs analysis.

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Some Ruminations from the Old Guy

by willcomp In reply to COMPANY VS ASSEMBLED PC

Others have hit most of the pertinent points and I basically agree.

I custom build, both for myself and customers. The quality of a custom PC depends on the quality of the parts. Too many amateur builders choose a cheap, poor quality power supply(PSU). PSUs are critical components -- a poor one can cause instabilty and/or other problems. All CPUs are high quality. Most motherboards are at least good quality (PC Chips and ECS are among the exceptions). Some reliable motherboards are Intel (best), Gigabyte, and Asus. Although I have preferences, video cards, hard disks and optical drives from the major manufacturers are generally good quality.

That said, Dell PCs are well made and will cost less than a custom PC in most cases. I work on all brands and recommend Dell to my customers. I only build when requested these days -- I still have customers who prefer mine over the competition.

The main advantages of building your own are knowledge gained and satisfaction derived. I still enjoy building custom systems and I've done hundreds.

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I wrote a couple of blogs on that subject


The blogs and all of the great replies might be of interest to you.

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noticed your a student :)

by shady108 In reply to I wrote a couple of blogs ...

are we writing your assignemnt here for you ? :)

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