Compaq not accepting AGP card...

By eggdashure ·

New to this forum. Thought I would get some ideas from you guys. Here goes.

Ok, to alleviate some confusion I'm working on a Compaq Presario S6000CL which has an open AGP port inside. I'm trying to install an ATI 9600 PRO for a friend that just wants a little graphics performance. I'm pretty sure the card is good, I pulled it from a functioning system recently and kept it in a static bag.

Prior to installation I checked the BIOS and the only options I have are AGP/Onboard or PCI. No way to disable onboard that I could find. So I proceeded with the installation, but when I fired up the system, it wasn't POSTing properly. The system usually starts with a burst of the system fan, then quiets down and POSTs. This time the fan stays zooming and nothing happens on screen or near as I can tell in the system either. So I pulled the card back out everything went on as normal.

Compaq Presario S6000CL
AMD Athlon XP 2800+
512MB System RAM
Windows XP Pro
ATI Radeon 9600 Pro 256MB Sapphire


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I own a S6000CL and AGP Video works fine (Tho using Nvidia MX 4000

by tisjester In reply to Compaq not accepting AGP ...

There are no jumpers on the MD for the Video..
It should just be plug and play..

I have 4 Hard drives (2 IDE) 2 SATA and 2 optical (IDE) drives installed in my S6000CL
(2 drives are frankensteined outside the case but still hooked to the inside and I am too cheap to get a different case :)

Nvidia MX 4000 AGP Video Card
All using the 250Watt Hipro Power supply for over 2 years without any problems.

I recommend you do 2 things.
Test the Video card on another Machine.
Swap the power supply out for a larger one just to see 2 things
1)If more power is needed
2) If the existing power supply might be faulty.

One other test you can perform is to disconnect power to all other devices (Hard Drives, Optical drives, Floppy) To see if you ran over the edge of what that power supply can do..

I would also probably pull the Internal Modem out unless they need it! (In today's world of Cable/DSL) Tho some use it to Fax

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