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Compaq Presario V2000 Dead? (Won't power up)

By thallarsen ·
My 18 month old V2403NR (V2000 series) abruptly powered off during use this morning. This is the first time that it's done anything like this. It wasn't a gradual powering down, but an abrupt shutoff, similar to that of pulling the battery (w/no AC cord plugged in).
After coming across the numerous post regarding 'dead' Presario V2000's I read the majority of comments and concluded that my notebook a piece of junk, and was among the numerous cases that apparently experienced a motherboard failure.
After realizing that I hadn't purchased an extended warranty & that my S/N indicated only a 1 year HP warranty, I figured that I was SOL.
Before jumping on the bandwagon (not to discredit any of the claims in other threads) I decided to give HP tech support a try.
Following the troubleshooting prompts, a suggestion was to reseat the RAM module.
I decided to try this, and Voila! I'm back in business!
No bad components, no need for service, no need to sit on the phone with tech support...just reseating the RAM.
This module is easily accessible from the bottom of the notebook, and this can be done in less than 5 minutes (much easier than that of any Mac notebook, I might add).
Anyway, the steps in the HP site are a bit confusing, so I'll outline my steps.
*Unplug the AC cord
*Remove the battery
*Locate the memory cover on the underside of the notebook
*Unscrew the one or two screws securing the memory cover, and lift up to remove the cover
*Gently slide (away from one another) the metal retaining clips that hold down the module.
*The module should pop up
*Remove the module
*Reinstall the module (removing and reinstalling the module is apparently enough to rectify the contacts)
*Replace the module cover and the battery
*Attach the power cord
*Try to power up

Hopefully this works for you as it did for me.
I figured that I should post this for those of you who have experienced what I did, and have assumed the worst (bad motherboard or powerboard).
I highly recommend trying this simple troubleshooting step before assuming the worst.

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2006 Compaq Presario V2000 Power Restored

by optyman In reply to Compaq Presario V2000 Dea ...

Almost ditched my laptop when it too had no power when powering on. Read through over 100 posts regarding such, from returning the unit to HP for repair to replacing the motherboard to reporting the defect to the BBB. Was able to get the power to come back on again after many removals and replacments of the back cover (15 screws). First, take another's advice by reseating the memory cards and maybe any others. That did not help me. Then, reset your computer by powering down, remove the battery, plug in power cord (w/out battery) and hold power button down for 1 minute. This drains the unit of power. This did not help me. Then, I removed the CMOS battery (have to remove entire back cover), and waited 5 minutes. Replaced same battery, and power was restored. I would hope that the motherboard replacement was not an overkill for those that chose that route, as they would need to remove the CMOS battery to do that. I also read that someone had the same issue, removed the back cover, replaced it and all screws and happened to hit the power button and power was restored?!?!? Not certain if that is what I experienced or if it was taken care of by the CMOS battery. Thought I would post to help any current users of this machine...which was bought in 2006 and has the AMD chip. I did some other things, but am reporting what I think solved it.

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Presario V2000 wont start.

by rayaman In reply to Compaq Presario V2000 Dea ...

Hello , I have Presario V2000 and when i press start button , power led lights up for about 1 sec and then turns off again like nothing happened. Same results are with or wihout battery. Also when i plug in power cord into laptop battery led lights up but starts blinking after about 5-7 minutes. Can anyone help?

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