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Compaq Presario V2000 is dead

By desireemattice ·
I own a Compaq Presario V2000 that I purchased in May 2005. Ya, not that old...but it has issues. About a year ago, I started having issues with my battery dieing very quickly. So I used the power cord more. About 8 months ago it got to the point that the battery wouldn't hold a charge at all. I purchased a new 12 cell battery less than a month ago and it had been working fine. The thing is last night it completely blacked off without warning. I thought that maybe the battery had died and I had not noticed it flashing. So I took my battery to class today and had a class mate charge it in her computer. Thinking that maybe my cord wasn't charging it and I would need to solder that connection. Well I brought home that newly charged battery, put it in my computer and tried to charge it up. Nothing, no lights came on, or flashed...just complete black. What is wrong with it? Or is ther 50 thousand possibilities. Someone mentioned a problem with my motherboard battery. I didn't even know the motherboard had its own battery. Any suggestions? Anyone? Help...I have finals coming up!

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Compaq presario V2000 died

by dharrison In reply to Compaq Presario V2000 is ...

Computer worked perfrectly until two months after the factory warranty. Keyboard and mouse stopped working, then it just wouldn't turn on anymore. No help from compaq support, and we have no clue what to do. Oh and I had to restart the paper that I was in the middle of writing. if anyone knows what I can do please help me out.

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Battery won't hold

by luckyref In reply to Compaq presario V2000 die ...

I have just taken my laptop into the shop, they told me that my motherboard is the problem, will wait to see when I get back today if they have fixed my problem. I have had 4 recondition batteries sent to me but non of these worked with my laptop, this is what prompted me to see if my pc is the probme of why my batteries won't keep the charge. Will keep you posted to what they say from the PC doctor. I didn't know the motherboard had a battery either.

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Mine's bad too!

by jjheaphy In reply to Battery won't hold

I'm having the same problem with my V2000. Did you get your's fixed? What did you have to do?

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More information

by dean.harrison In reply to Compaq presario V2000 die ...

I took my computer to a fix it shop for a quote. It was the motherboard. They would gladly fix it for me for $500.00. I gave up on it and bought a new computer from another company.

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HP chat support offered this fix

by ldjohnson4228 In reply to Compaq presario V2000 die ...

I had the same reoccurring problem where my Presario v2000 died. 1st time it was under warrantee and they replace the motherboard. But it just happened again. Spoke with HP support and this simple fix got me up an running. Thought I would share.

1. Disconnect the AC Adapter.
2. Remove the Battery.
3. Hold the Power button down for 30 seconds to 1 minute.
4. Reconnect the AC adapter.
5. Turn on the Notebook power.
6.Do not re-connect the Battery.

With an extensive use of the notebook, some times notebook would store some static charges which indeed will stop the notebook from powering up or charging the battery. The procedure to remove this static charges from the notebook is known as power drain.

Hope this helps.

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This does'nt help

by vikramsondhi_1984 In reply to HP chat support offered t ...

I tried doing this but it does'nt helped can you suggest anything more.

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by dbrown486 In reply to HP chat support offered t ...

This procedure worked perfectly for me! Thanks!

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My V2000 is also Dead!

by bradena57 In reply to Compaq Presario V2000 is ...

I am having similar problems. I have figured out that it is not the battery or the AC adapter with mine at least. It is indeed a default of some sort with the motherboard. I am trying to figure out exactly what that problem is. My motherboard part number is 412439-001, yet HP tells me that I need to replace it with another one, part number 394252-001, (which leads me to believe they know the original one had problems.) I have opened up the computer and can't find anything visibly wrong. I haven't received any good information from HP so I am still looking for an answer. If anyone can help at all please do.

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My V2000 is also Dead!

by TLawless In reply to My V2000 is also Dead!

I have had the same issue as well with my Compaq "PisSorryEO" v2000 Laptop.

Trying to reslove this, I contacted Compaq/HP via their online Chat Support and after two of the not helpful Chat Support Reps disconnected me; I called directly only to find that Compaq's answer to the motherboard (412439-001 that has been discontinued) repair is to send in the laptop for the new motherboard (394252-001) that hopfully works and to be charged $428.00! Not to worry, they are nice enough to give a 90 day warranty on the repair.

Personally, I will not buy another compaq/hp product and if you have one of these Presario's, don't bother with their support if you want to accomplish anything more than sending in your system for a $298.00 warranty repair plus the cost of parts or a $398.00 out of warranty repair plus parts.

They said they will of course call you to tell you how much the Motherboard replacment is going to be, I was quoted $375.00 durning the my Chat with the Support Rep., but you still have to pay the repair service cost even if they don't fix it or you don't want to pay for the parts.

Appearantly, as it happened two times in a row; if you ask to speak to a superviser or manager, the Reps just hang up on you. NICE. Not only do you spend 20mins just getting a rep online, take another 15mins to type your issues so they know what your system is and your issue, but when they hang up on you, you get to start over and do it again...

Just so you know, verfied by the support rep I had on the phone; they do not log the chat sessions, so if the Chat Support Rep says/types anything that you would like to hold them to, you can't. They only log what the Chat Rep separately adds to their system after the session. In my case, both times I was hung up on, there was not record that I just spent 75mins online with two different Chat Support Reps that did nothing for me but waist my time. Oh, if you call in, you call can/may be recorded, but I wouldn't count on it if you actually have an issue with their service or products. "Cynical, Party of one..." :)

Long Story Short... You can get a good new Dell Laptop for just over $600.00 and of course a better one for more; I have never had any issues with Dell's Suport when I needed it in the past and I have been involved in a couple of multi million dollar purchases from Dell on some state government projects.

I'm pretty sure that this situation will ensure Dell is on top of my vendor list in the future and let's say that Compaq/HP won't be very close to the top...

Currently my other systems are Dell; I'm not saying all my future systems will be Dell, yet what every they are; I'm sure they won't be Compaq/HP! :)

Sorry you are having the Dead "PisSorryEO" issue... I hope you get all your data off of it ok and then on another system manufactured by someone other than "ComCrap"...

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Same support problems

by bradena57 In reply to My V2000 is also Dead!

Yeah, I've had the very same problems with trying to get any information from HP support. and I also have been purposely disconnected in order to not answer my questions. I would like to get this one fixed just because I am short on money and can't afford a new one. But I agree, I don't think I will be purchasing HP again.

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