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By robinson crusoe ·
We're a small company. We have about 50 PC's in a large area(same area, not another city or another part of city).

Our system works without any problems for now but we want to solve problems that we can in our company.

I am a beginner and i'll buy some network devices to help me solving the problems.

I don't know which products will suit us more.

Forexample i will buy a cable tester;

This one is about 10$,

This one 130$.

I want to learn if cable works and maybe i'll learn which port of the switch goes to where, with this device.

Is cable tester and blinker the same device?

There are some ethernet crimping tools about 5$. Will they be enough or shall we choose a more expensive one.

What are the main needs? We want to solve problems without asking for help from outside the company.This is my list;

- Cable tester
- Cable tracer
- a lot of rj45 connector
- we have enough cat6 cable
- switch punch tool
- ethernet crimper tool
- of course a pc and a notebook

* Don't think we'll try to construct the whole network by ourselves, we have a working system. We think of buying services from outside for one more year. We try to make a beginning to solve our problems inside.

Thank you for your helps.

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Start out right

by oldbaritone In reply to Great idea

50 employees and growing?

Get the tools and do the job right the first time, because there will never be another opportunity after "it works." 50 drops is already completely full on the first 48-port patch panel, and starting into the second one. And that's before he realizes that printers, FAXes, and maybe IP phones all need ports too.

And if it's already grown to need a remote closet with another switch, consider a fiber backbone between the head end and the remote closet. Then there are no bandwidth issues, and no electrical issues if the building has old wiring. Buy a pre-made fiber for the run, made-to-length.

I wouldn't think a punch tool is overkill at all, unless he's planning to do plug-end cables at the head end, which is a nightmare before it begins.

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I asked the question in the wrong way

by robinson crusoe In reply to Compare Network Devices

First, this is the best place i've ever seen on the internet. You try to help even a beginner like me. After this time i'll first look here to find answers(i always make a research first, i won't bother you for everything, don't worry :)) I hope i'll begin to answer questions in time.

Although your posts helped me a lot, I was wondering about the exact trademarks/models you prefer to use. Than i can investigate them and compare looking to our budget/needs.

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See the Thumbs button? use that to show appreciation for the help.

by CG IT In reply to I asked the question in t ...

As for equipment, personally, I don't do cable runs for a living. But I do have to fix or replace stuff such as patch panels, keystone jacks, run cables, terminate runs on a keystone panel. So I purchase tools and equipment based upon usage. While more expensive tools will give an abundant amount of features, if you never use em what's the point.

Fluke has a cable tester that costs a fortune. It'll do just about everything except pull the cable. Is it worth buy the tool? not unless you make your living pulling cables.

I use Paladin tools and I don't buy the most expensive with the greatest features. I simply don't need em.

I have this tool in the bag.

reason, I do work with 10base2 networks, specifically in the fast food retail stores with equipment that was developed before Moses parted the Red Sea.

It's inexpensive. Doesn't blink switchports, but it tests cables.
about $40.00 USD.

So my rule of thumb is: if it's something I'll use once or twice, cheap. Something I use all the time, I pay more.

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My thumb got injured on conduit (guy on the other end yanked too hard)

by cmatthews In reply to See the Thumbs button? u ...

This is one of mine:

Got a Lil-buddy and a Harris TS21 too.

I'm all thumbs some times, when it come to using it.. ;-)

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How about this toolkit?

by robinson crusoe In reply to Compare Network Devices

I found it the most suitable for us looking to the options from;

How is the prize?

In fact i couldn't find anywhere selling toolkits in my country, but i'll keep looking for a toolkit like this, if i can't find, i'll buy devices one by one.

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Looks good, but I've never used that kind of dual-die crimper..

by cmatthews In reply to How about this toolkit?

..because of the advent of "dollar stores" everywhere in Canada/US, most have little need of crimping RJ11/12's here.

When we're getting low I just stock-up on new one's (users like to see them new).

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At last we decided

by robinson crusoe In reply to Compare Network Devices

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