Complicated Networking Question - ICS - Dual LAN's - etc

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I have a (what seems to me) a rather difficult networking question.

To start, I have done the following:

1. One LAN on which sits behind a Hotbrick Dual Wan Router. The Router has dual WAN ports and I to start had only 1 WAN connection out to the net

2. I took a LAPTOP with two WIRED (WW1 and WW2) cards and one WIRELESS adapter (W1) and was able to connect the laptop to a Wireless LAN (sits on which has its own separate internet connection.

a. On the router that controls the LAN I set the static IP of the laptop connected via wireless adapter (W1) as the DMZ
b. I then ran a cable from one of the wired adapters (WW1) to the WAN two port on the HOTBRICK dual WAN router that controls the LAN and in the settings set the WAN 2 in the HOTBRICK to a static IP of
c. On the laptop I enabled ICS (Internet connection sharing) for the wireless connection (W1) and shared it with the wired connection (WW1) that is cabled to the WAN 2 port on the HOTBRICK. This automatically assigned as the IP of the wired connection (W1)

3. After all of this I was successfully able to use the internet connection via the laptop from all of the computers behind the HOTBRICK in the LAN provided I directed all HTTP traffic through the WAN 2 port on the HOT BRICK

**So no problems from that point**

This is where I am hung up.

I now want to do the following

1. On the laptop there is an additional wired connector (W2) that I have ran a cable from to a open internal LAN port on the LAN.

a. When doing this, the (W2) connection is automatically assigned an IP address on the LAN
b. When then browsing the internet from the laptop - all traffic is going through the internet connection on the connection.
c. No traffic is able to pass on the WIRELESS connection either directly on the laptop (even though it shows as connected) and no traffic is able to pass on the WAN 2 connection as stated in #3 above.

The reason I need to do this is I have certain software on the laptop that will need to interact with the LAN via the (W2) wired connection but I STILL need to have the wireless connection (W1) connected to the LAN and share that internet connection with the LAN via the WAN 2 port on the HOTBRICK as I described earlier.

Thanks for any advice.

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I have similar issues

by thedrummer2006 In reply to Complicated Networking Qu ...

I have a fairly complicated network that I have been trying to do some similar things with. I posted a question on here about three months ago with no answers. It sounds like your problem is due to either a cost of routing issue or a loopback issue. The problem I have is: One PC with two NIC's connected to two networks with a windows bridge setup between the two, that pc can only access NIC #2 which is the internet but cannot connect to anything on the network connected to NIC #1, although the network is pingable. I have been researching this topic and have found that if I set the gateway metrics on the two nics I can get one or the other but not both.

Maybe this helps but if not maybe someone can help us both.

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wireless connection to a LAN

by omotayo.lawal In reply to Complicated Networking Qu ...

it may be that the remote wireless conection on the server is not enable or you need a password

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I'm not sure I understand your issue

by NetMan1958 In reply to Complicated Networking Qu ...

but I think you are describing a routing issue. I am also assuming that you are running Windows on the laptop. I suggest that you connect everything up the way you want it and enable all net connections on the laptop and then open a command prompt. At the command prompt, type:
>route print
and press enter. Then check the routing table to see if it lists a route to each of the subnets; i.e.,,
If you don't, you can manually add a route using as an example:
> route add mask
(replace with the destination subnet such as, replace with the correct subnet mask such as, replace with the gateway ip address such as

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