Computer Locks Up - bad

By D.H. Cesare ·
The computer:
WinXP Pro, 2.66mHz, 1024MB RAM, primary drive 160G WD, slave drive 60G WD. CD-ROM/Burner, DVD burner.

Started locking up once in awhile and it got progressively worse over a period of about 3 weeks, to where is would lock up anywhere from a few seconds after it started to an hour or so. It acted like a video card so a new Nvidia (PNY) 256MB GeForce 6600 was installed. It still locked up.
I ran all the diagnostics on the Ultimate Boot CD, along with a couple other diagnostic programs for the video card and the HDD?s.
The only problem found was the Motherboard temperature and the processor temp. were too high. I changed the motherboard and the processor. The heat problem was fixed, but the machine still locked up.
So I did a ?clean? reinstall of WinXP Pro ? it still locked up.
I hooked up a new mouse ? still locked up.
I took the machine to Computer Nerdz who charged me $60 and told me the power source was not adequate for the machine?s requirements, so I installed a new Allied 450W power source. The machine still locked up.
The locks up from a few minutes to a few hours run time.
I took the computer back to Computer Nerdz and sat with it for 21/4 hours in which time it didn?t lock up.

So we thought the auxiliary power supply might be the culprit, even though the ?B? computer which is hooked to the same APS was not experiencing any problems.
I decided to completely isolate the computer from all peripherals and the computer room in general, so I moved the computer into the garage where it could be on it?s own circuit, and hooked up the monitor, mouse, and keyboard only.

The machine ran for 9 hours and then locked up. I called Nerdz and the technician told me it was probably the monitor and to try a new monitor cable first. I purchased a new cable and installed it ? the computer ran 13 hours, then locked up.
So I replaced the new Acer monitor with my old SVGA monitor ? the computer ran 11 hours then locked up.

The computer has a 5 cooling fans total.

To summarize:
I have replaced - the Operating system, (clean reinstall)
The motherboard, processor, heat-sink & fan
The mouse, keyboard and monitor
The video card
I have isolated the machine from the ?computer room?.
I have run WD?s diagnostics on the WD HDD?s
I have removed the RAM chips one-by-one and run the machine on each chip separately. The chips pass the diagnostics 100%

The System Log shows no negative events; the machine has locked up 3 times when I open that log.

I have virtually rebuilt the machine. I have more money in trying to repair it than I paid for it originally!

The technicians and I are at a total lose.
Someone please help.
Thank you.

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Back to memory

by Michael Jay In reply to Computer Locks Up - bad

you say that you ran diags on the chips individually, did you run the os this way. I have seen memories that fail as you see (lock up) but will run the diags just fine.

If you have not tried that give it a go.

You report 1 gig memory and I suspect that you have four 256 chips, try them 2 at a time for about 2 days each.

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512MB Kingston Chips

by D.H. Cesare In reply to Back to memory

The memory is two 512MB Kingston 4000 chips.

I've run the machine on each chip individually and the computer locks up exactly the same way.

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by Michael Jay In reply to 512MB Kingston Chips

I hate it when it does that, about all that is left are the internal cables.

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New cables

by D.H. Cesare In reply to Dang

All the cables are new except the 3 IDEE cables.
Could one of the CD drives be causing a power fluxuation?

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everyone out of the pool

by jedurham36 In reply to New cables

Leave one stcik of RAM, the video card and the hard drive the OS resides on. Remove everything else that can be removed (but leave just enought parts in it so it will run). Try it for a day or so, then put one device back in. Try again for a day. Repeat this until it starts locking up. The last part to go in before it locks up is the problem.
I call this the "everyone out of the pool" strategey. It is painful and slow, but I find that it works if you have the time.

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Make the time

by D.H. Cesare In reply to everyone out of the pool

I'll have to make the time. I assume you mean to disconnect the CD drives and then slave drive too, right?

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Unplug all

by jedurham36 In reply to Make the time

Yes, only leave enough connected to boot to the O/S. Anything that isn't needed in order to *just* boot it (one hard drive, one stick of RAM and a video card). Everything thing else gets disconnected. It is a process of elimination after that.

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When unplugging everything......

by D.H. Cesare In reply to everyone out of the pool

is it necessary to change anything in the bios? When I unplugged the primary slave drive the machine started VERY slow. Like it didn't want to start. The slave drive is just for storage, nothing is installed on it.

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by jedurham36 In reply to When unplugging everythin ...

Leave the BIOS alone, the last thing you want to do is introduce more problems by changing a setting in the BIOS to an incorrect value.
The slow boot is a concern. Is the boot drive set as Master, and on the Primary IDE channel? Try the drive in a diffent computer as the boot drive. If it still boots slow (> 5 minutes is my version of slow), then it is a drive problem, if it boots ok, then you know the drive is good if it has no issues in the other PC.

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Check the Hard Drive

by the_webninja In reply to Computer Locks Up - bad

I know this Sounds Crazy, but I went through this same kind of thing one time it drove me NUTS!

I figured it couldn't possibly be the Drive, because the Drive worked fine!
But you know what? I Replaced the Drive and Installed the operating System on a New Drive and everything else on the PC worked fine after that.

So don't rule out the Possiblity of a Bad Drive.

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