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Computer No signal problem

By Dsl54 ·
Ok well Im helping a friend fix his computer, at first I though it was a simple problem. HE told me his monitor said " no signal" at first i thought it was the video card or his monitor but it wasnt. Now i need help.
Its a
ADM athlon XP
E-Machine T2082

What happens is this the power would turn on and everything would run but the monitor says "no signal", i tried changing the power supply but that didnt work, and i also gave him a new video card still nothing any one have any idea what to to?

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Did you try

by w2ktechman In reply to Computer No signal proble ...

putting the monitor on another system? I have seen many monitors do similar things, and usually it is the monitor.

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yes i did

by Dsl54 In reply to Computer No signal proble ...

well i did use 2 diffrent monitors on the computer same problem tho

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video card

by Triathlete1981 In reply to Computer No signal proble ...

what did you do to realize the video card is not the problem?

if you tried two known good monitors, then maybe one of the contacts in the 15-pin video port on the computer is bad. unfortunately, this is too costly to fix rather than get a new monitor.

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i bouht a new one

by Dsl54 In reply to video card

i did try 2 good monitors and i also bought a new video card it seem both are not the problem, according to my friend it just turned off one day

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sigh this is hard

by Dsl54 In reply to Computer No signal proble ...

well im going to try to get another working monitor and try it out with a video card if it doesnt work i really dont know hwta to do

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device manager

by Triathlete1981 In reply to sigh this is hard

you are downloading the drivers right for the monitors, correct? are you checking device manager to see if the display adapter has been disabled for some reason? and you are putting the video card in the right expansion slot, pci? i know some of these may sounds like stupid questions, but...

something could've happened where your display adapter was disabled, or there's an irq conflict between your monitor and something else. or you're putting the card in a bad slot. i've seen that before.

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theres no way to check

by Dsl54 In reply to device manager

the monitor recieves no signal what so ever you can here and see all the leds on the computer light up, but the monitor will say no signal

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Ok, lets go back a step

by w2ktechman In reply to sigh this is hard

when does the monitor go to no signal? Right away, or after is starts loading Windows?
If it is right away, or does not go on at all, it may be a setting in the BIOS, reset the BIOS with the jumpers or switch combo.
If it is in Windows, try safe mode, then drop the resolution and Hz settings.

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another thought

by w2ktechman In reply to Ok, lets go back a step

Does the MB have built in video? If so, try switching the monitor to that port.

Also, what slot is being used for the video card? AGP, PCI, PCI-e?

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check the RAM

by RudyMiculescu In reply to another thought

Do you hear the "bep" from speaker? If not, check the RAM module or reset the bios. If you hear the "bep" then the problem is your Hz videocard becouse the monitor is shuting down.
In this case you must enter safe mode and unistall the video card from "Device manager".

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