Computer problems, sleep mode

By haxdnoob ·
Its been a serious long while since I've been on here, but now I turn to you people to help me

It seems when I put my computer in sleep mode, and try to bring it out of sleep mode, the computer seems to be stuck. The fans and the computer will go like they're bringing it out of sleep mode, but for some reason the computer screen doesn't turn back on to the desktop (sometimes I turn my computer screen off for reasons of my own). I've done this before when I had to go to my classes at community college, but for night classes, I shut-down my computer.

I'm running virus scans with my 4 programs (The Windows Defender program, Malwarebytes Antimalware, SUPERAntiSpyware, and McAfee Total Protection 2012) just to see if this is a virus problem, and I even ran an error check scan with my C disk

Can anyone help me, because this never happened before, and when something like this happens, I get worried

I run Windows Vista Home Premium (32-Bit)

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Reponse To Answer

by haxdnoob In reply to What happens in safe mode ...

I think I had problems trying that last time, though I can't remember if that was when dad wanted me to help him with HIS computer, or something else.

Either way, ill try that. And ill test out my Hibernate options to see if I can reboot from that

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Sleep vs. hybernation

by WGnC In reply to Computer problems, sleep ...

Fyi, hybernate is ususually only an option available for laptops, but it depends on your video card. On desktops, a "hybrid" state is set by system default (just means a deeper sleep state). Speaking of video cards, be sure its driver has the latest update available. Do you recall if the monitor issue began occuring after a Windows or third-party driver update (example, network adapter, mouse &/or keyboard, USB, etc.)?

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Sleep Mode

by milesbradford In reply to Computer problems, sleep ...

I don't know what the machine issues are with Microsoft's Power Settings in Windows 7 -- but, that's where I went to solve the issues with my Windows 7 Professional 64bit and Windowds 7 Home Premium versions. I found it under Control Panel > System and Security > Hardware and Sound > Power Options > Change when the computer sleeps > never.

Your machine stays on all the time now -- but, the Printer is always now available to the other Network machines (5 at home) and the Backup Drives are always available, too. I keep the Monitor set for 30 minutes until it goes to sleep -- but, that's okay because it fires right back up when I wiggle the mouse or hit the keyboard. I tested XP and Linux on the same machines and those OS's don't have the same issues as Windows 7 Home or Professional. Just another Microsoft way of keeping you drooling to their beck and call I figure.

Other than this issue I think Windows 7 is probably the best Desktop on the market ever and I've been using Windows since 1984 (Windows 3). Also used OS2 then Caldara and Slackware in 1993. Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 are the best ever as mates and I did systems and network admin for over 25 years of them and UNIX and about 10 years with SuSE original starting with SuSE 7.1 version. A business only uses Windows products if it has lots of money. Same with IBM, Cisco and Oracle products.

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Reponse To Answer

by haxdnoob In reply to Sleep Mode

ok, I JUST remembered, I ended up taking the install disc for vista (that came with my computer when it was ordered), used a program to make an iso of it, and burned that iso into a disc for repair purposes

When I booted to the disc and saw the options presented to me, something called startup repair showed

Would THAT fix my sleep mode problems, as well as not mess with any of the programs I got installed, because I feel besides the ultimate bootcd, that is the only thing I can think of that would fix it that is free

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Good News

by haxdnoob In reply to Computer problems, sleep ...

On Saturday, the 10th of November, a power outage happened while I was sleeping, and after I woke up, I ended up trying to turn on my computer, it didn't turn on. It was my dad's opinion that the power supply and motherboard got fried, so he contacted dell to get replacement parts sent over with a technician to install them

he came 3 days later, and when we opened up the chassis of the computer, there was a ton of dust from not cleaning (which probably contributed to the non-functioning computer; yes, a bad on my part for poor computer pairing). After cleaning as much dust as we could get, the technician replaced the damaged parts with the newer ones, booted up my computer, then profit, it worked

The motherboard I now sport is apparently a newer model as instead of a giant blue lettered dell logo, I get a smaller silver dell logo. I checked to see if I could put this in sleep mode and boot it back up successfully, and it worked, so thank you guys for helping me with this, WGnC, you were right that it was hardware related, and bye for now peoples

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