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Computer reboots unexpectedly and applications err frequently (pt. 2)

By jon_melvin ·
I previously posted regarding frequent system reboots. I received many helpful suggestions:

It appears I most likely need to replace hardware. Most seemed to think the power supply needed to be replaced.

I need your insight. I receive many application errors--pretty much any application I am working in is at risk of crashing. Word, FireFox, Outlook, games, explorer.exe, whatever. I have received a couple blue screens "Hardware Malfunction, system halted" messages.

The system reboots with no error messages many times a day. I used the linux universal boot cd and ran tests:

Lucifer ran overnight (8 hours) and encountered 26 errors, though continued running.

The CPU tests would complete iterations, though within an hours time, the screen would go blank--seemingly with the system hung.

Memtest ran and completed 20 full cycles without any errors.

Is there any definitive way to know what hardware may be at fault? I'd hate to replace one component only to find the problem still exists. I'm a grad student, so I have a very small budget to work with.

Thank you much for your assistance with this. I sincerely appreciate any insight you can offer!


You could try using a UPS
To isolate the computer from the mains and see if that makes any difference. Quite often if you live in an area with the Mains are Iffy you'll get problems like this occurring so you first need to rule out the Mains as the problem.

Then you move ahead with a Power Supply and work from there.

Posted: 02/14/2007 @ 16:00

HAL 9000

A great suggestion, though I do have a UPS
Posted: 02/14/2007 @ 16:08

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manufacturer's HD test ran with no errors

by jon_melvin In reply to Hard ndisk on way out?

I ran the HD through a full-on Seatools test a couple months ago, well after the issue seemed to start occurring. No errors.

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by NOW LEFT TR In reply to Computer reboots unexpect ...

Got your Number

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by jon_melvin In reply to VS@OceanPoint


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7th Floor?

by NOW LEFT TR In reply to ok?


Canteen - Bacon roll?
Keg of Beer Boss?

Now let us watch....
The office has been open over a year and still the problem remains!

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by NOW LEFT TR In reply to 7th Floor?

of Oceans with 11, 16 & 22 to the door. Small car park and only one off two towers bulit. Bad merger with best staff leaving for other pastures. Sorry state of affairs to be in.

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by bswinnerton In reply to Computer reboots unexpect ...

Hi there,

I'm having somewhat of the same problem (Among others such as memory leaks). I can't say any of my specs match up though, what motherboard are you using?

I'm currently using an MSI 945P which is an intel mobo, but I was just trying to find some similarities between the systems

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