computer screen upside down

By doubles21 ·
The picture on my cousins computer screen has turned upside down. Whether its on the internet or on the desktop or running a programe the picture is upside down. Can anyone give me some advise on how to fix the problem?
Many Thanks

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In which case

by seanferd In reply to It's a laptop

I would open it flat, if possible, and reach for the keys and mousepad, or connect an external mouse and keyboard to use in that orientation if I were having trouble.

As mentioned before by someone, doing this from Safe Mode may make this easier.

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Easy, just hang from the ceiling.....

I could not resist that. :)
Just go into your graphic card settings and you will find the correct settings to put things right.

Or, if you can not find your graphic card settings then go into "safe mode", to do this you will need to reboot your computer.
When you have restarted (reboot) your computer press the "F8" key on your keyboard, now you will see a black screen with white text, Select "Safe mode", now the text will run up the screen, you will need to wait a while until it finishes. When it has finished you will be in Safe mode. Now go into your "add and remove" programs list to delete your graphic card software. When done reboot your computer and then just reinstall the graphic card software from the internet.

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Upside Down

by dmiles In reply to computer screen upside do ...

Open up display properties.

Click through the tabs to find the rotation option.

(On my system, the rotation option is on a sub menu on an extra tab under advanced settings.)

Set the rotation back to normal.

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computer screen upside down TRY THIS

by prrethish In reply to computer screen upside do ...

Which os u r using
is it xp or some other os
if it is xp try this
ALT+CTRL and press down arrow key

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which os is running

by doubles21 In reply to computer screen upside do ...

The computer is running windows vista.

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Wrong model

by dlrooky In reply to computer screen upside do ...

Obviously, you received the Australian version of the monitor. Down Under, it would be functioning perfectly :)
Sorry, I couldn't resist.
You should be able to get into the menu for the graphics properties and resolve this as other posters have suggested.

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computer screen upside down

by mariebella In reply to computer screen upside do ...

It happened to me twice. I almost died the first time, did not know what to do. I think I used the arrow keys in combination with another key to solve the problem.

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