Computer turning off and on, on its own....

By Slayer_ ·
Ok, so this is strange.

It started off two days ago, I closed a cabinet in my room, and when I stood up, my computer turned off and restarted (my computer is set to stay off in a power outage). I figured, maybe it vibrated the video card, its happened before. Ok.
So I wiggle the tower a little, no issues. Stand up, walk passed it from right to left across the front of it, and it restarts again, wtf?

It didn't occur to me yet, but ok, so I just turned it back off (held power button) and walk away. I came back to put the item back in the cabinet, walked passed the machine from right to left again and the computer started itself!
So I waited for it, got to the login screen and it froze at the login....
So I hard restarted it, froze immediately after login, hard restarted again and it was running, but suddenly now, it didn't like resolutions under 1280 x 1024, anything less and it left about 50% black space on the screen on either side (25% on the left, 25% on the right). So I rebooted, I could see the windows logo and post was getting squished. Then it booted up again and 3 seconds after logging in, the screen turned black and white!
I thought maybe my old monitor dying, so I turned on the second monitor and turned on duel view, black and white on both!

So reboot again, same problem. So I go update the video drivers. Problem solved, but it still hates the resolutions. Ok, screw it, moving on.
Last night, it shut down again while watching a movie, it would not beep at the post for the first few tries, then it fired up after I unplugged it for a bit.

Now brings me to today, when I made the real connection.
I fired it up, and walked out to change the TV channel, I came back to grab the stereo remote out of the cabinet, and when I walked passed the computer, from right to left, I heard it restart. So I stepped back, and repeated my walk, and sure enough, it restarted again the very moment I stepped on the carpet.

So I tried standing there, lifting my foot up and down, etc, nothing. Only when I walked passed it. I made sure I did not rub the case, I even tried walking passed it naked, it still restarted! Then I closed the front door on my case (One of those cases that can cover the CD drives) and walked by it, it restarted one more time, so I tried again, on my last walk through, my monitor made a click sound and the video re snapped to the edges properly again. And it has stopped restarting when I walk passed it (for now anyways). I now take the long way around my computer to avoid walking in front of it.

WTF????? Any thoughts?

I double checked, all my games that suddenly had problems with the resolution are fine again.

Here is a folder of images.
The silver computer is the one with the problem. Its ventilation is on the front, left and rear, the right side is where the board is mounted, so no fans. So I can't see there being any ventilation issues.

It has started doing it again. I have removed the filter on the power, its still doing it. But the monitor and display seem fine so far.

Confirmed that the monitor is causing some problems, I can smack it and have the edges of the screen wiggle or even snap to the sides, to the top, etc.
By keeping the door closed the restarting has stopped. I'm starting to wonder if static is affecting the reset button, the next time I am in the case I am going to unplug the reset button and see if that solves the problem.

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by Awahili Guni In reply to Computer turning off and ...

I would like for you to try this: click on Start - Run (or if you have the Search feature, you can use that) - type in this word: command - and it will come up. Now right click on the command prompt; "RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR" - the Command Prompt box will pop up, and I want you to type in or just copy and paste (or cut and paste): sfc/scannow

This way your computer will automatically scan without having you to be offline or anything to do this and repair any damage and/or corrupted files and/or duplicated files and even fix registry keys or duplication or replication, et al.

Since from reading everything above; NOTE: This scan may take time the first time you run this but do not turn your computer off while it runs the first time - it will work on XP, VISTA and 7. (Everyone, if you didn't know this, you might want to make a note of that; it comes in handy! Trust me! Doing this without having to roll-back or anything is absolutely wonderful, even more so if you're on Win 7)

After the Scan is completed - the log files is found in C Drive in LOGS in CBS - you will need to run under Administrator to view it (the report that is); if everything is cleared - it will indicate that everything is cleared. If there were errors, it will indicate that it was logged --> Just so that you would know in advance.

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A slight correction in my above statement

by Awahili Guni In reply to Computer turning off and ...

The correction in my last paragraph of where the file is located:

C Drive - Windows - System32 - Logs - CBS

I apologize for this slight oversight for those who are wanting to review the entire format. And in addition; it does make it easier to read via Notepad in "Word-Wrap" format than any other options (for your info) for easier reading.

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by Slayer_ In reply to Computer turning off and ...

Today it let me walk passed it, but died when i vacuum in front of it. lost display and hung. picture went out, audio stopped, but the computer appeared to still be running, at least the lights were still on, it was just dead?

So I decided, since I am cleaning anyways, lets rip this thing out and have a look.

it is almost perfectly clean, a tiny bit of dust near the back of the case where the CPu fan blows passed.
None of the caps appear to be bulging.
Everything appears to be plugged in tight, I took out my RAM and examined it. It is 3 chips of 3 different makes, 1 of them is slower than the other two.
Its spring now, so humidity is back up.
This latest [breakdown] was with the front door closed.
No funny smells in the case.

Using a flash light, I looked into the power supply, I see nothing obvious.
The temperatures at the time of freezup (I had speedfan open checking portable drive SMART data) 45 CPU 38 GPU, HDD1 was at 25C, HDD2 was at 28C.

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Time to invest in a new motherboard...

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to Computer turning off and ...

A new motherboard plus a new graphic card would be a good investment for the future, minus one ghost. :)

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Reponse To Answer

by Slayer_ In reply to Time to invest in a new m ...

Perhaps I should, I just dont like the current crop of boards and processors. Its impossible now to get an AMD processor with nForce chips or nVidia graphics because, obviously, AMD owns ATI. And Intel processors always seem so slow. It frequently requires 30% more speed from an Intel processor o match the real speed of an AMD processor.
I am hoping if I wait, nVidia will start making their own processors like they already do in their phones. I suspect they will be the first to come out with the consumer 500+ core processor. They already have on in their video cards...

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Computer turning off and on, on its own

by bzabor19 In reply to Computer turning off and ...

Many folks use a wireless mouse, keyboard, printer etal, which operate on infrared light (IR)

Is it possible that the IR sense is detecting a normal level of IR light, which is interrupted by your passage by the thing? Do you have wireless stuff on it, or are you using wireless connection? Many, many, many devices* operate on 900 mHz and 2.4 gHz these days (routers and more).... perhaps you're interrupting a constant signal on one of these bands, that's coming from a device in your home, or somebody else's (the condominium).

*Routers, cordless phones, remote control ANYTHING, garage door triggers, etc... Even an un-used wireless keyboard that's stored in a closet with the batteries still inside.

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I have now replaced all 3 mismatching RAM modules

by Slayer_ In reply to Computer turning off and ...

With 2 matching ones. I will see if the problem continues...

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Reponse To Answer

by Slayer_ In reply to I have now replaced all 3 ...

This actually made it worse, apparently the board doesn't like running in dual channel mode, putting back the 3 mismatched ram improved stability.

However, the restarting seems to have fixed itself.

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