computer will not boot

By pmoser1 ·
i have a gateway computer. it went off. when it came back on. it will not shut off at the switch. it will not reboot. the monitor is on but gets nothing only the gateway logo. tried to load tha xp back on but it would not take that either. really frustrating

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Can you get into BIOS?

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to computer will not boot

What happens after the Gateway screen goes off? Does the Gateway screen Disappear?

You really need to give us some help here so I would suggest that you read this and then post back here with all the required information so that someone here may be able to help you with your problem.


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Any Beeps or bells or whistles? (smell any smoke. . .)

by Keith Hailey In reply to computer will not boot

If you have beeps, count them.

To turn it off, try holding the button down for about 10 seconds.

You've still got your bios. " the monitor is on but gets nothing only the gateway logo"

try holding down whichever key that Gateway uses to get into set up while powering up(Try F2, F8, F10, The Delete key (are there any others?))

"IF" you can get into your bios set up, look at your memory to see if it registers what it is supposed to (or any at all).

Anything you can tell us on that will help.

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Same Problem

by g-ghanem In reply to Any Beeps or bells or whi ...

I am having the same problem as he describes.

Here are the symptoms I am getting:

Gateway GT5232E model computer. Was running fine. Had to do a reboot. On reboot, computer stayed on Gateway logo window (frozen I would say). That logo window says F2 for BIOS settings or F10 for Boot menu. Trying either function key repeatedly does nothing. It just stays on that startup Gateway logo window. If I hold the power key for 10 seconds, the computer does shut down.

What i have tried so far:

1- unplugged all the drives and anything else connected to motherboard (HDD, CDROM,USB front panel cables, Video card from PCI slot, Modem card from PCI slot, etc) Motherboard is K2BC51 from FIC has another nVIDIA driver on it. So I plugged the monitor into that connector. Also left keyboard connected only. On reboot, it still had the same symptoms. Freezes at Gateway logo window.

2- Unplugged memory modules completely. Reboot fails to put up Gateway logo and just beeps at me every few seconds.

3- Cleaned memory modules to ensure connectors are clean and replugged back in. reboot brings Gateway logo back up and freezes there still.

4- Cleared CMOS memory (put the shunt on it for 20 minutes). Reboot still freezes on Logo.

5- replaced CMOS battery. Reboot still freezes.

What else can you do!! Only thing left for me that I can think of now is to replace the power supply. It would be funny if that is the problem as the computer powers up fine, all the peripherals typically seem working and it does put up that stupid Gateway Logo screen.

If that does not fail, it is possible it is the motherboard, but leaving that to last option.

Any other suggestions that anyone can think of that will be less costly then having to go buy a new Power Supply?

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Followup to last recourse

by g-ghanem In reply to Same Problem

Now I have completed the replacement of the Power Supply to see if problem goes away and unfortunately it had no effect on the issue. I am still facing the frozen Gateway logo screen.

The last recourse now is to replace the Motherboard. Need to find one that can fit in my Gateway PC and takes all the peripherals I have installed. I would hate to get the same type of board because chances are it will fail the exact same way.

Says a lot for the quality of the FIC motherboards.. Garbage!!

Don't buy a Gateway PC!

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