Computer won't boot from CD drive

By simonp101 ·
Hi all, I'm having a problem and was hoping I might find some help here

My brother's computer is basically a dead duck in the water. Its slow, buggy, infested with ads, spyware and full to the brim of absolute rubbish. My parents asked me to do something about it, so I decided to format the hard-drive and re-install windows. I changed the BIOS settings so that it would boot from CD before the drive (at IDE-0), but the computer just continued to load windows. I looked again to see if I forgot to save it the settings or something, but sure enough, the CD was the first priority. I then removed IDE-0 from the list completely, and it told me that it failed to boot, and that it could find no boot record in the CD-Drive

I thought that it may be my Windows CD, so I put in a linux cd that I happened to have in my possession, but that gave me the same error. I tried all sorts of boot settings, but no result

Was wondering if anybody had any words of wisdom for me

Thanks :)

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I'm having same problem

by rhsih In reply to Primary versus Secondary ...

I'm on a Dell D510 Laptop. Attempting to try out linux for the first time, but I can't even get away from Windows. I think the best idea I've seen in here, which I've haven't tried yet is to press F12 a second time, after you Select to boot from CD from the Boot Menu.

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F12 Times 2 works well

by jwarner01 In reply to I'm having same problem

When I hit F12 the first time I got a section to select boot from CD, then when I kept hitting F12 again I got the hit any key to boot from CD and this booted from the CD. Worked like a charm. I spent an hour trying to figure this out before I got here. Amazing!

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replace cd drive

by ctmoore1998 In reply to Computer won't boot from ...

Probably the CD drive has failed and needs to be replaced.

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What worked for me

by cwheit In reply to replace cd drive

I was having the same issue with a laptop and then noticed that the "Press any key to boot from CD" message came up AFTER selecting the CD option from the boot menu (F12 during startup). Hope it helps

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can't Boot from CD

by fariba_yoo In reply to Computer won't boot from ...

hi, I have just your problem, and mine is also Toshiba, satellite.
did you find any solution?


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Umm - the answer is already IN THE THREAD ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to can't Boot from CD

Try reading the entire thread, instead of adding your Bleat to the end of it.

THAT'S why the threads exist.

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The Basics

by GSystems In reply to Computer won't boot from ...

Many times, as IT Pros, we take some things for granted. I just dealt with this issue with a PC that I've been using for quite a while--and have installed (re-installed) my OS on an innumerable amount of times.

I came to this thread looking for an idea on what may be causing this installation to be different than the rest.

Solution: Please check all connections to the motherboard.

In my case, the IDE connection was just slightly not connected to its jack. The CD Rom showed up wonderfully inside of the previous installation, but it was not connected well enough to be seen by the BIOS.

It's definitely an option...

Hope this helps!!

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by Bramimond In reply to The Basics

ok here's how you do

When you press F2 and go into setup, you of course have already put the CDrom or DVDram in top priority. Then, the thing is you have to go to 2 options to the left, and generally you will find [Quick Boot] option enabled, disable it, and [F12 boot menu] or something like that option disabled, ENABLE it, then exit saving changes, and press F12 like there's no tomorrow, it will then ask you from where you want to boot, choose wisely, and hallelujah !

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My Dell Win XP GX270 has same issue

by tllucero In reply to Computer won't boot from ...

Same problem. Hooked in a different CD drive. Same. Checked boot sequence. CD is listed first in boot sequence. Quick boot can't be disabled. Tried drive cable that takes two drives. Boot sequence only finds one. Two hard drive controllers on motherboard. Each hard drive controller find a maximum of one drive (CD or hard).
Switched so that CD was plugged into first controller, and hard drive plugged into second controller. Boot sequence found only hard drive. CD works fine once Windows or Linux has booted. Tried CD in USB enclosure. Not found until after boot complete.Tried hard drive in same USB enclosure. Hard drive found during boot. Has to be motherboard/controller/BIOS issue, as OS, hard drive, and cable changes do not fix. Motherboard refuses to boot from CD under any circumstances.
So original poster is not only one with this issue. I have a Dell with original OS, hard drive and CD. GX270, 2G memory (maxed out).

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Same Issue

by mikef12 In reply to Computer won't boot from ...

Is that last post from 2012? I have the same issue with a friends Gateway Emachine. Booting from hard drive goes to endless loop. The HD was spinning and I could copy files off it with another computer. Tested for malware from that other computer, found nothing. Set the boot order to the CD first. Wouldn't boot from an XP install disk. Wouldn't boot from three different Linux live CDs. Wouldn't boot from a Hitachi drive diagnostic CD. Wouldn't boot from a Hiren's Boot Disk CD. Disconnected everything, same result. Tried different cables, etc., same result. Reset bios to defaults, pulled battery, same result. Got a couple stop errors, all with same explanation: new or incompatible hardware or faulty driver. There was no new hardware, and I couldn't get at the thing to remove or re-install drivers. Memory tested OK.

All this argues faulty IDE controller or bad MOBO, but I couldn't help thinking there was something simple I was missing.

So I thought I'd post here in case anyone happens to see this and has found a solution.
Any other suggestions greatly appreciated!

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