Computer won't boot from CD drive

By simonp101 ·
Hi all, I'm having a problem and was hoping I might find some help here

My brother's computer is basically a dead duck in the water. Its slow, buggy, infested with ads, spyware and full to the brim of absolute rubbish. My parents asked me to do something about it, so I decided to format the hard-drive and re-install windows. I changed the BIOS settings so that it would boot from CD before the drive (at IDE-0), but the computer just continued to load windows. I looked again to see if I forgot to save it the settings or something, but sure enough, the CD was the first priority. I then removed IDE-0 from the list completely, and it told me that it failed to boot, and that it could find no boot record in the CD-Drive

I thought that it may be my Windows CD, so I put in a linux cd that I happened to have in my possession, but that gave me the same error. I tried all sorts of boot settings, but no result

Was wondering if anybody had any words of wisdom for me

Thanks :)

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Reponse To Answer

by wizard57m-cnet Moderator In reply to Same Issue

Instead of tacking on to the bottom of an old, zombie question,
try posting your problem as a new question.

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Help Please?

by Pashakitty In reply to Computer won't boot from ...

I'm new here and sad to say not very tech savvy. I'm having this problem as well, but don't know how to swap the cords around to check if that's it and I'm kind of scared to try just mucking about with it. I have tried everything that I know how to do, setting the boot sequence in the BIOS, changing which disk drive I have my Windows XP start up disk in, (I have two disk drives one is a regular CD drive the other is a DVDRW drive).

Putting the CD in the regular CD drive and booting up gives me the boot from CD screen for maybe half a second then it skips to starting windows normally. Putting the CD in the DVDRW drive gives me the boot from CD screen for roughly 30 seconds then it skips to starting windows.

I have tried to hit a key during the few seconds that it's on the boot from CD screen but it does nothing. This is a very old machine (over 15 years), and it's been reformatted before without issue. I really don't know what kind of system it is either because it's been rebuilt a couple of times.

I know that the motherboard has been replaced at least once, and the power supply has been replaced twice since I've had it. I don't know what any of the system specs are and I'm really not sure how to find out. So if anyone could help me out here it would be greatly appreciated.

I run my own business from home, (just starting out) and I can't afford to just go out and buy a new system (no matter how much I would love to) so this old POS is pretty much all I've got. Thanks much.

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Reponse To Answer

by PurpleSkys In reply to Help Please?

you should repost this as a new question. Most folks would totally miss this posting and there are quite a few qualified people that search out this type of question.

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computer wont boot from cd/dvd drive

by columbianshark In reply to Computer won't boot from ...

I don't normally post like this cause I hate creating accounts all over the freaking place and unfortunately the original question poster from 6 years ago will probably never see this but I figured it will help someone else for sure.First let me start off by saying that I have been building computers for years and have never ran across this particular issue before.I had extra cables and drives lying around so I began experimenting.My drive is connected via sata and the original bios detection sees the drive and the drive works under windows xp management but when i go to the boot menu the drive is not there and if I let the computer boot up it just bypasses the drive and loads from the hard drive.I tried changing the sata cable,changing the sata port and even the drive itself with no luck.At this point I am scratching my head and contemplating flashing the bios when I decided to clear cmos and voila.I unplugged the computer and took out the battery for about 1 minute and then re-booted,set the clock and date and now I am installing windows 7.There must have been some setting in the bios preventing the cd drive from booting.Hope this helps you:)

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can't Boot from CD drive?

by dAS-9 In reply to Computer won't boot from ...

well the reason may be the autorun of the windows may be corrupted.....
it happens improper burning of OS in a Disc.
better to burn with nero updated version by mounting the copied disc image of actual OS in to a new DVD disc by the process of copying from virtual disc to original disc.
to access disc image go for a virtual drive using DAEMON tools software....
I hope this may helps you better to boot from DVD drive :)

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Reponse To Answer

by dAS-9 In reply to can't Boot from CD drive?

forget to say! that if does this really works, when U load your boot disc to ur computer/labtop, it asks like "press any key to boot from CD"

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painful realization

by Allthunbs In reply to Computer won't boot from ...

I've just spent the last two days trying to get a "utility" system to boot. In the past, I've always selected ATAPI CD-ROM as the boot device and it worked perfectly. I guess I'm not using an ATAPI CD-ROM device any more. It has DVD capabilities so it wasn't until I figured out that the boot list was showing me the model number of the DVD and not one of the Hard drives that it finally boot properly. the moral of the story, jot down all of the model numbers before you hard install them into the system. It's also handy to note which is master, slave etc.


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Not able to boot from CD

by dennae In reply to Computer won't boot from ...

I have been struggling to reinstall windows xp for days now. I tried booting from floppy disks, cd-rom and a usb drive. I stumbled on this thread 10 minutes ago and realized that I am trying to install from my 2nd cd drive because the first has not opened for whatever reason in a very long time. After reading this thread I popped off the front of the computer, vacuumed out all of the dust, gave the top of the cd-drive a slight whack and voila it opened and I am now installing windows xp from the original cd-rom. Thanks guys, appreciate the help.

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keyboard not responding when booting from cd rom

by jcv777 In reply to Computer won't boot from ...

I spent hours on this before coming up with the solution. It ended up all I had to do was disable support for usb devices in my bios, saved, restarted and boot from cd worked. I guess as long as your not using a usb keyboard, or some kind of usb rom device, or installing from usb your good to go. With usb keyboard support enabled in my bios, my ps/2 keyboard must have still been able to function? That's probably why someone elses solution was to reset the cmos, it reset to default? Don't know don't care all I know is that it was my solution. It makes sense now that I think about it.

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