Computer won't start, no action at all.

By Slayer_ ·
The simple version of my problem. My computer won't start. No POST, nothing. I even removed the RAM and it doesn't even beep maddly, it just sits there.

Powering it up it does get power to the NIC and the CD drive. Even the HDD spins up. But it won't go anywhere.

So, when and how this happened:
Basically, we blew a fuse in the house. It shut down the computer.
I immediatly turned the power switch on the computer to off and turned off the power bar.
When I got the power back up, I turned the computer back on.
And it booted up, went to scan disk, found the usual problems with apache logs and disk size incorrect, but when I got to the disk size incorrect, it displayed the message asking if I wanted to fix it. But when I tried to press enter, it wouldn't accept it. I tried Control + ALt + delete, nothing.
So I hit the reset button. It never booted back up, it just sits there with the fans going. Occasionally there is some static coming out of the speakers.

I had this once on a newer machine and the solution was to reset the CMOS, I tried that with this machine, first simply removing the battery, nothing. Then tried jumper 2 to the reset setting (as said in manual), nothing.

How can I fix this, my replacement server is a Windows 98, that failed my bet, I bet that it would last 3 days, it only lasted half a day before it auto restarted itself and got hung while shutting down. So I really want my old server back up and running.

The machine is currently sitting stripped down, no HDD's, an old stick of 64mb RAM, CD drives removed. Still no action out of it. (Everything moved to the 98 machine, HDD works fine in there)


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No 50 C is OK

by OH Smeg In reply to 50C

You only have to worry once the CPU Temp starts getting up above 75 C.

But it has to have a Heatsink but depending on the type of CPU this could be part of the actual CPU. Intel made the Original Pentiums with the Heat Sink/Fan as part of the CPU with the Fan held on by 2 clips to the CPU. The old Z80 may not have needed a Heat Sink but everything after that has however it wasn't till the P2 came out that Intel got serious about decent Heat sinks prior to that they where small and not overly noticeable with several being glued to the CPU.


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75C, ok thanks

by Slayer_ In reply to No 50 C is OK

Thats pretty hot, I've only had it overheat and shutdown once on me in its life. But that was a long time ago already.

Your getting yourself a lot of helpful votes from me :)

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Your Welcome

by OH Smeg In reply to 75C, ok thanks

And that isn't why I answer questions.

I like to try to help people. :)


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by Snuffy09 In reply to Computer won't start, no ...

Id replace the power supply, or test it

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Is replacing the computer not an option

by john3347 In reply to Computer won't start, no ...

SinisterSlay, I may be overlooking something here, but is installing Windows 95 on a later computer not an option? If the original OS was ideal and was the factor that made your setup function as you wanted it to, why not assemble a new computer with very basic (low end) components and install Windows 95 on it and duplicate the configuration from the original machine? A power supply, motherboard, cpu, and memory chip would be about all you would have to buy. Perhaps you would buy a power supply to try and if it doesn't fix your existing computer, you would already have a power supply for the new one.

Edited to add the following: No, a new power supply for your existing motherboard would probably NOT work for a new motherboard.

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Nah it had great hardware

by Slayer_ In reply to Is replacing the computer ...

And functioned great, sure I could just replace it with a higher end machine, I did do that infact, but its actually slower. And windows 95, won't work properly on even the lowest end machine you can buy right now, no drivers.

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