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what is mac?
how it is different from pc?
which one is better?

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The mac is an artistic guy that likes apples

by Dr Dij In reply to computers

which are of course very healthy, who edits videos, and is expensive to have about, can't do the things you want and when he can costs twice as much and uses only the left mouse button. He also loves animals like big cats, particularly Leopards.

He and his lithe young gal friend dance around in silhouette listening to an iPod in Mac ads. He is prone to buy anything Apple comes out with, including the iRaq (very unstable) and the about to be unveiled product, the iRan.

the PC is an accountant who runs spreadsheets and hates the Mac guy, does anything, and gets sick with viruses alot, and gets turned into a zombie regularly. And buys alot of expensive 'supplements' to keep from becoming 'zombified', that sometimes slow him down quite a bit.

He also prays to the m$ god. While the PC guy is praying at his temple, the Mac guy sneaks in with a sledgehammer and throws it at the huge video screen filling the room with the image of the zombie m$ god, which breaks the spell and the PC guy is freed from his zombie-ism.

There you go! Mythology for the modern age

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Very erudite - I like it! :) <NT>

by OldER Mycroft In reply to The mac is an artistic g ...
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Mac = Apple Macintosh

by robo_dev In reply to computers

PC typically runs Windows or Linux OS

Mac runs Apple OS-X, which is UNIX based

Each one has it's strong/weak points which are more a matter of personal preference.

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mac vs pc

by paul In reply to computers

OHHH you've hit a mine field of disagreement there!!!

The MAC is a computer made solely by Apple and not compatible with anything else (unless Apple say so). They look better and depending on timing more powerful but at a cost. Commercial Software is licensed (i think) which makes it usually better quality but more expensive and also less choice. It Operating System is safer and some say better. Apple have gone to great measures to stop everyone making things compatible with their products which rather annoys everyone in the computing industry. If anything goes wrong with your MAC you're in trouble; when did you last see a MAC World on the high street?

The PC is made by anyone and compatible with everything (if you want). It was originally made by IBM but nice (or silly) people they were didn't patent it. There is no limits on software or hardware development which means low costs and big choice but less quality. In fact just about every application you ever want is free on the PC although proably not as good as the ones you pay for.
It is incredibly easy to upgrade and repair. The OS that are used aren't as secure as the MACs and viruses have rocketed since the growth of P2P file sharing. The OS tend to crash alot due to compatibility issues with all the hardware and software they have to deal with. This is usually the hardware/software companies fault but it's usually the OS that gets the blame.

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