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Computers Rebooting on their own

By aszygowski ·
Hi. I'm running NT 4.0 server and NT and 98 workstations.Sometimes some of my computers are rebooting on their own, without any paticular reason.Could someone tell me the reasons why it could happen or tell me what to look for in order to eliminate all the possibilities.Thanks.

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PC booting on their own

by KevinS In reply to re: pc booting on there o ...

It's probably the Bios settings. I would check there first (as previously mentioned).
Disable any power management in the bios and also check the UP settings (again, previously mentioned. The UPS devices will reboot the computer if serially connected to a PC and configured properly. If the UPS device has scheduled tests, this could cause a reboot also.


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Computers Rebooting on their own

by Charles Forchu In reply to Computers Rebooting on th ...


In windowsNT, right click on my computer, then properties, then click the startup shut down tap.

Under Recovery, on the bottom screen, You will see a check box that states " Automatically reboot". Make sure that box is unchecked.

If thebox is checked, WindowsNT will automatically reboot each time a stop error occurs, regardless of how small and insignificant the stop error is.

I hope this helps.

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Overheating shutdown/reboot

by snelson695 In reply to Computers Rebooting on th ...

We were experiencing problems with laptops shutting down and rebooting during active use. We eventually determined that the laptops were overheating. We started propping up the back edge of the laptop to create a space between the bottom of the unit and the desk. don't know if this will help, but I thought I'd add my two cents.

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Computers Rebooting on their own

by vhall In reply to Computers Rebooting on th ...

You should check your RAM. Sometimes faulty or low grade RAM will cause lockups and also system restarts.

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rebooting of computers on thier own

by kishu_k In reply to Computers Rebooting on th ...

u'r ram may be at the fault

sometimes faulty device connections or ram plugged in incorrectly may cause hangs and reboots....

Also check the system with another power may be very surely the culprit if no other reason is behind....

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Rebooting and RAM

by richard In reply to Computers Rebooting on th ...

In addition to faulty RAM, we had a client whose systems rebooted frequently until we removed the extra mis-matched RAM they had installed. Different chip speeds, etc, in the same system can cause problems. Make sure all RAM is identical in a single box.

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Computers Rebooting on their own

by jorgeag In reply to Computers Rebooting on th ...

I think one of the main rasons why a computer reboots on its own, is the over heating problem, check the power supply fan, the CPU fan, and the correct settings for the CPU (Voltage etc,). I hope this help you :-).

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Could be a configuration Issue!!!

by bill.brightwell In reply to Computers Rebooting on th ...

You may have the configuration setup to reboot after a BSD. NT defaults to this setting. To check this out, click Start, Settings, Control Panel, System. Go to Startup Shut down tab. Bottom entry on screen under Recovery. Automatically Reboot after BSD should not be checked!!! It may be that are having Faults on the server and it keeps rebooting because of this configuration.

Hope this helps on your way to resolution.

Bill Brightwell

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I had the same problem.

by mefindley In reply to Computers Rebooting on th ...

I had an office full of Windows 98 machines rebooting on thier own. I found out that the only ones that were rebooting were the ones with internet access. I checked Micron's site, downloaded different versions of internet explorer and Netscape, Scanned for viruses and nothing worked. The only fix I found was to format the hard drive and reinstall windows

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by Its a secret In reply to Computers Rebooting on th ...

If your antivirus does auto update , it may reboot you pc when done. Mcaffe does this. You may need to check the settings

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