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Computers Rebooting on their own

By aszygowski ·
Hi. I'm running NT 4.0 server and NT and 98 workstations.Sometimes some of my computers are rebooting on their own, without any paticular reason.Could someone tell me the reasons why it could happen or tell me what to look for in order to eliminate all the possibilities.Thanks.

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Computers Rebooting on their own

by JEZI In reply to Antivirus

I have had that problem before - but not on an NT . The problem turned out to be from the the power cord plugs that plugs into the back of the PC. For some reason the was not making proper contact or was defective. The problem went away after I change the power cord. Hope this helps.

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Rebooting on their own

by DRDON In reply to Computers Rebooting on th ...

This symptom is usually pwer related. If they are the same machines, check the power cabel from the UPS or serge protector to the connector on the power supply. They must be tight. Next, check the power supply its self, if it is on an older machine it could be the power supply is going bad, or a weak connection inside.

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look for what's common

by MKLeidel In reply to Computers Rebooting on th ...

You say this happens to both NT and 98 systems? Are they also all the same brand and model? If the problem started with these different systems at the same time, then think about what they all have in common. Look at those issues only. A loose power cord, for example, might be a problem for one system but would be rather unlikely (or extremely coincidental) for all of them!

Did these systems all get upgraded with new hardware or software recently and about the same time? In my experience, it's usually been a bad device driver causing the re-boots. That's typically the only type of code that can cause a system fault at such a low level as to force a reboot (applications usually only cause high-level faults which the OS safely traps). Even in the case of NT, where the system may be configured to auto-reboot on error, the issue comes down what exactly caused that error in the first place. Again, in my own experience I've seen this problem with network drivers, backup tape drivers and (possibly) an HP Laserjet 6 driver. Be suspicious of any really new hardware you may have implemented where the driver software is an early release and may still have lots of bugs to be worked out (a new CD-Writer or wireless LAN card, for example)

- michael

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Computers Rebooting on their own

by pkatia In reply to Computers Rebooting on th ...

Hello there

One of your devices is not faulty..Please unplug one by one and then plug them one by one..testing each could be the Nic,Sound card or RAM..

Kindest regards

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cpu too hot, reset switch defective

by rewillia In reply to Computers Rebooting on th ...

The cpu fan may not be functioning properly.
Replace the $10 fan.

The reset switch may be shorting out.

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A VPN-Related Instance

by PHelms In reply to cpu too hot, reset switch ...

I've had the problem of a Windows 98 machine mysteriously rebooting after accessing an NT based VPN through a modem to an ISP. At no other time does it reboot like this.

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My computer reboots for no reason also

by margot.mills In reply to Computers Rebooting on th ...

I am running Windows 95.
It has only started to happen in the last couple of months.
Could it be a fault CDROM drive?
Are there BIOS settings that I should examine also?

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Rebooting Problem

by stinkyjones In reply to Computers Rebooting on th ...

Before I came on board our consultants bought bargain basement machines with cheap ATX cases--seems like the CPU gets hot and just shuts down. We don't have this problem with the older, non-ATX cases--probably because the power management isn't integrated with the software. Every time it gets warm in the building, I get 5-10 calls about this happening. Our soulution: get better equipment.

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Re: Rebooting

by tjc01 In reply to Computers Rebooting on th ...

I had the same problem with my network every summer. The computers would randomly reboot for no apparent reason. I changed cpu's tried new cases, and so on. Finally I had the hydro company come in and test the current over a period of 12 hours. Theyindicated that when the airconditioners clicked on, they would drop voltage momentarily. The hydro company installed another transformer and I haven't had the problem since. May work for u and again may not.

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by Shanghai Sam In reply to Computers Rebooting on th ...

Could it be a power related or lack of quality power that brings them down or perhaps an aberant program such as Net Bus or Back Orifice has been installed on to your network? These being sometimes called a virus but a difficult file to find by virus software. space.exe as in _.exe is the BO file. A hacker (not a true expert hacker but a script kiddie or experienced aberant program user) could be rebooting your pc's or crashing them. First off are they connected to the net? Do others have access to them? Brought any disks/files home from school or work that you placed on the HD.
What type of hardware? Are they all the same system or a variety of harware types?
Power is a problem - In Seattle - Seattle Light rarely supplies thebonafide 220 or 240 current that gets split to 115/110 to the users and many computer networks have problems running when installed at a new location that had no previous network. Is there a flex fuse on the curcuit or a bad breaker? Many things could cause this.
We once had a Mechanical engineer destroy a Sun Sparc station by flipping the breakers on and off in one area of a Major Hospital and Research Center. Appeared to kill the power supply at least on it. Read 2nd too!

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