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Computers Rebooting on their own

By aszygowski ·
Hi. I'm running NT 4.0 server and NT and 98 workstations.Sometimes some of my computers are rebooting on their own, without any paticular reason.Could someone tell me the reasons why it could happen or tell me what to look for in order to eliminate all the possibilities.Thanks.

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2nd continued BO/NeBus/Power

by Qdid7of9 In reply to BO/NetBus/Power/

Wtf I'm no transient as it says here above in my first message, hmm perhaps that won't show. Anyway her we go.
I'd check up on BO and Netbus etc if you are on the net. Expecially a connection like cable modem or dsl. These are best targets for attacks to see what we can do to your system. Essentially Bo or NetBus and some others can be used as remote access software but can be used to be much more destructive than PC anywhere. There are also various "Nukes" that can be launched at your ipaddress to crash stuck blues screen of death or cause a
reboot if designed too. These are a type or DoS Denial of Service Attack. Smurf attacks and others. Teardrop. A good DoS will knock a lot of Netware Servers offline in a Network as the constantly advertise their services. Anyhow Good Luck. Check that you have adequate power and look into BO and NetBus and the removers called Bo Freeze and NetBuster etc. It could also be any various number of problems the others have listed with cheap or bad ram or cheap mother brd or heat or your asking the processor and ram to do something it doesn't like. Write a Journal down of description and time of when each pc crashes or reboots. It once took an Hp or Ibm engineer two weeks to solve a rebooting problem on something like a mini, an AS400 I think and found after two weeks of studying the problem that one night a janitor walked in and pulled the plug and plugged in his floor waxer and when he was done plugged back in the AS400 and then was asked about how often he does that and the answer was about every two weeks. Anybody grinding or sawing on the same circuits? Or waxing the floor?
Good Luck!

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Power problems, maybe?

by eto In reply to BO/NetBus/Power/

I had three servers hooked up to one UPS that went bad. Everytime it did a self test, it rebooted the servers. Switched out the faulty battery and those three servers are not rebooting by themselves anymore. I would also suggest looking at memory or cpu. Maybe they're faulty.

But then again, check the O.S. Maybe it's a Microsoft thing.

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nt systems rebooting on thier own

by kishu_k In reply to Computers Rebooting on th ...

the problem may be with some of the system services....
I suggest u to check the devices option and the service startup sections....
Also take a look at the event viewer to consider any service failure....

if the system has a new device or any such thing configured recently try removing and then safely booting the system

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Back Office/SMS

by 2cherryz In reply to Computers Rebooting on th ...

Are you running any back office software like SMS?? I've seen scripted, forced software downloads or upgrades that cycle down workstations. As someone stated earlier, check your virus software configuration for auto updates(especially Mcafee!), and if so, check to see if is set to update locally or remotely. Uncheck this feature, and kill the script entry. Give it a whirl!!

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Power supply unit or power surges

by wbailey In reply to Computers Rebooting on th ...

I see some people posted re. power related issues. I actually have had the problem where a bad power supply caused my system to restart. I replaced the power supply and all has been well ever since. Additionally, if there is no UPS on the system andthe power source fluctuates (IE: surges/sags), the latest PC's tend to be very sensitive to this and could reboot. It is recommended to put PC's on good surge strips or UPS systems if building power is an issue.


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over temp

by dougm In reply to Computers Rebooting on th ...

I personally have seen this in windows systems.. It in my case has been a cpu overtemp condition caused by cpu cooler not working corectly..

hope this helps.

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Chip creep

by user007 In reply to over temp

I have found that in Slot1 systems, if you reseat the processor (remove and replace) your reboot problems disappear.

Remember also not to bump the machine or move it around too much - it could loosen an expansion card of the CPU just enough to make the system unstable.

ATX power supplies are also buggy in this respect and a bump on the box can cause one of the pins on the M/B to loose contact with that of the Power supply and cause a hardware reset.

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Possible reason for NT PCs rebooting

by vicki.laidlaw In reply to Computers Rebooting on th ...

Have you checked the NT machines to see if "Automatically Reboot" is checked on the Startup/Shutdown tab of System Properties? If that has been checked, every time NT encounters a system or driver problem which would otherwise cause a BSOD (Blue Screen of Death), the pc would simply reboot. I'm not sure if Windows 98 has this feature, but it's something to check out.

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Process Of Elimination

by reaching for stars In reply to Computers Rebooting on th ...

Hi Alex,

You need to be a little more specific about your problem. For instance, when these computers randomly reboot is it while running the same process? For example, does it seem to happen only when they access the internet? You also mentioneda few computers reboot. Did you add software or hardware to these particular machines but not the others? Have you added RAM to these PC's? Are the PC's running on UPS's? What kind of network are you running on? Are you using hubs? or coaxial cable with BNC connectors?

There are numerous reasons that could be causing your particular problem. If you can give us more information we may be able to help you identify what your problem is.


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Check Network card for wake on Lan

by morrow In reply to Computers Rebooting on th ...

If you are talking about a machine turning itself on from the Off position it can not be caused by a bad driver. It would more likely be the network card doing a wake on lan. I have seen this. It is told that it takes a particular string to wake on lan, I have found it to be not the case. If the particular machine is pinged with just a string of ***** it will likely wake. If you are not useing this feature I suggest that you disable it in the network card or remove the wake on lan cable in the computer. It will be the one that looks like a cd audio cable running from the NIC to the mother board. Hope this is some help.

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